Some promising news on C-19 Vaccine: Pfizer mRNA vaccine may have 90%+ efficacy

ok and? What would happen?

Speculative at best.

How much did they waste on mass vaccinations on people who would never end up hospitalized anyway and just recover at home?

Hard to know what the net is here.

How the counts have been done or not, and who does the counting, has been in question all along.

Like much on this matter, most of the discussion remains more about politics than solution as an awful lot of those who proclaim solutions, or who have made decisions, sure have advocated for or made the wrong ones most of the time.

And of course the number of excuses we are hearing for failures has never been higher.

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Very well said.

All government decisions (regardless if left or right) make decisions based what they believe will give them more votes. Here in Ontario with an election less than 5 months away and also having a minority government federally that has a short leash, optics over data sadly rules the day


That is the way it should be

That is an interesting question and while prostate cancer isn't an infectious disease, there is some similarity with what you're saying about not receiving vaccination for COVID, and vaccination is a type of treatment, a preventative treatment, and early prostate cancer ie:

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The underlying fallacy as usual, though of course democracy sure beats authoritarianism in the book of most folks including me, is that magically the majority of voters are always right even in a public emergency.

And such difficult decisions throughout history always separate the far fewer great and good leaders from the usual rest.

And with that, I think the original topic on this has gone its course and the conversation has gone in a completely different direction, so I'm closing this thread, thanks all.