Some promising news on C-19 Vaccine: Pfizer mRNA vaccine may have 90%+ efficacy

The National Post and Toronto Sun are both Postmedia brands that heavily cross-post content.

And again, this is silly. Let's say we had a Prime Minster O'Toole or Prime Minister Sheer instead right now. Would they have miraculously convinced the Chinese government to get that CanSino sample delivered? Or would they have concentrated on a Moderna / Pfizer vaccine and done ... what exactly ... in order to bump us in front of those lines? We tried with CanSino because the Can part gave us a chance to be first with them.

Trump secured nothing; the US's domestic ability to produce vaccines is obviously going to be utilized to put their population first. That's something you can do (really, coerce) when the labs and manufacturing labs are within your borders.

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Ok fine do you prefer Globe & Mail?

Seriously unless you are one of those conspiracy theorists we are running out of newspapers

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Did somebody say warp speed by Trump .

Success .

LOL who would with a lick of common sense deal with China for a vaccine in the first place .


Here even better
CBC News Source says US citizens to start getting vaccines Dec 12th
Canada (maybe) March or later since Trudeau does not seem to know

Trump won Trudeau lost when it comes to pandemic and vaccines
Regardless of who you support


fat lady is not singing yet

The US could use a head start, they're going to need it.

Canada is really not far behind, they may actually approve one of them first.

Top 5 out of about 200 counties doesn't scream back of the line to me

Pfizer approval is expected right after the FDA gives the green light so we should easily have 2 of them approved for emergency use by the end of the year.

No country will have approvals for general use by then. That's what will be needed to end the pandemic


Canada leads the world in pre ordering doses per capita


Very encouraging article,

But, this doesn't fit the negative spin the new leader of the opposition Erin O'Trumpoole wants to spread. :lying_face:


Johnson and Johnson submits to Health Canada to start the rolling review of it's vaccine

This is the 4th candidate in this process (Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca the others).

These 4 alone will give more than enough to vaccinate the population with many options. J & J only needs one dose.


Encouraging news indeed BUT even in the USA the vaccines are not likely to be readily available until March or so with front line workers and most vulnerable the only to likely receive shots before then. Even if we were to match that timeline that is still 3-4 months away.

So until then stay home if you can and wear masks if you must leave your home. If we ALL do that WE WILL SAVE LIVES!

My family have all already agreed that our only multi-household get togethers this Christmas will be virtual on Zoom.


Trudeau is hoping for 50% of the population to have vaccine by September.
It should be noted none of these vaccines will be given to anyone under the age of 18 years as no testing has been done on children yet (for obvious reasons)in the rush to get the vaccine safely out to the public.
It has been tested on older adults with success and it actually works better on people over 70 years

Well those vaccine demographics bode well for the league being able to have normal attendance by September. :smile:


Big news here

"The Pfizer/BioNTech jab is the fastest vaccine to go from concept to reality, taking only 10 months to follow the same steps that normally span 10 years.


Damn, that's crazy. The invention of mRNA vaccines is a pretty incredible thing.

For the people who think (believe) Canada is "front of the line" can anyone speculate at why so many OTHER countries are ahead of us?

In news today even 3rd world countries are deploying

And on top of that, they even secured MORE doses than Canada did!

Losing to USA fine
Losing to UK / Aus ok
Russia and China starts to hurt
But MEXICO????

fine with me to let other countries be the first guinea pigs.

I would rather we be more cautious

If China's vaccine is as faulty as their PPE, I would rather take my chances with the Rona

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Our issue is an overreliance on the Chinese for pretty well everything in the medical field. From supplies to medicines. It took a crisis to realize that but I doubt anything will change.

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Ever considered Mexico has secured more doses because they have more people to vaccinate?

Based on that article, that order will cover around 17 million people or less than 14% of their population. Canada's Pfizer allocation covers 26% plus we have contracts with 6 other firms

How many other firms do they have a contract with? Hopefully allot more with many options in addition, otherwise doesn't seem like they're much further ahead

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This morning one of the senior advisors to Health Canada told CBC radio that approval for the use of the Pfizer vaccine could come as early as 7-10 days.

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