Some promising news on C-19 Vaccine: Pfizer mRNA vaccine may have 90%+ efficacy

More hopeful news from Health Canada:

And more:

There were two different dosage regimes, one at 90% and the other at 62% for a 70% average.

Even at 70 is quite high and I'm actually more hopeful with this than the others ones who seems up one up each other.

AstraZeneca doesn't need to stored at low freezing temperatures either so easier to distribute

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Those storage temps are crazy (-70!). I wonder why they have to be kept at such a low temperature.

Also interesting that for the AZ vaccine it's the lower dose regime that is more effective. That's a good thing, though, if it means more of the vaccine is available in more places.

This is what Canada has pre - ordered

And a fraction of the cost to Pfizer and Moderna

I think that with modern technologies it is not so difficult to maintain so low temperature, another question is that it will be more expensive and then the vaccine will be less widely distributed. It's great that AZ vaccine can do without it.
In general, the joke with the PlagueInc seems more and more real :laughing:

Lots of news sources are claiming Trudeau lied and we are not even getting the vaccine

US is rolling out this month, UK is same
Canada is ... ?

Trudeau receives negative press that's news in itself when journalists received the 600 m bail out not too long ago .

On the other hand mutations will happen and maybe The pandemic will be over by the time we get the vaccines here and some won't need to worry so much about who decides to get it or not get it .

Probably be part of the regular flu vaccine if it's not until next September .

People are just impatient. Let's have a vaccine approved first before going public with a plan. If there is an unforeseen delay, the US and UK are going to need to backpedal their words.

Also, Canada was the 4th country in the world to secure a contract with Pfizer. 4th out of about 200 countries in the world doesn't seem like back of the line to me.


I do find it odd that all of the above 7 companies have the vaccine ready to go to the next stage around the same time table .

Definitely want some proper testing done .

Some of them are not as far down the tracks as Modrena, Pfizer etc...

Medicago, the most advanced of the Canadian firm just started Phase 3(combined with 2) a month ago so they'll likely won't get approval until the summer at the earliest.

I'm hoping some of these later ones still make it across the finish line and those who are concerned about these being rushed can be more comfortable with the next ones.

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I am just going to hide in my house until its all over. Once enough others have been successfully vaccinated and the numbers go way down, then I will once again grace society with my humble presence.

I do not trust that the first ones out will be good enough with no bad side effects.

What ? You mean there are people out there who are leery of SCIENCE !

I'm still trying to get over the baffling news that butterfly may have told us a fib.

Moderna says after final trials, it's 94.1% effective

Plans to file for emergency approval to US and European regulators later today

Canada is heavily invested in Moderna

Neither the US or UK is going to distribute a vaccine to the public this month, or even in 2020. I would also note that "lots of news sources" is inaccurate: Two rather biased Toronto Sun editorial writers are claiming this while the rest of the media is saying nothing of the sort.

This is one of those weird instances of a politician being punished for telling the truth: We have no domestic ability to manufacture vaccines and it's not something that can be built in months or even a few years. We are not a United States or Great Britain. So we will wait.

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Its ALL media
Here is another (from National Post) about Trudeaus failure with CanSino (Chinese) and how MONTHS after Trump secured doses that Trudeau tried
I mean seriously NP is def not a pro-Trump paper and they are hardly radical news source

If you prefer a different paper by all means read their spin
But every source I have seen says same thing, we are not even seeing samples until MONTHS after USA & UK
We FORGET to ask permission to make vaccine in Canada

There are lots of "You Had One Job!" memes for Trudeau all over net as we speak
He (again) seriously dropped the football

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