Some promising news on C-19 Vaccine: Pfizer mRNA vaccine may have 90%+ efficacy

Like the others that have been approved and ordered, it's the delivery that's the problem. But it is good news. They said they are hoping to do 640k per week, that was before the AstraZeneca announcement. If they can increase to 1 million per week then they could have 26 MILLION vaccinated by September

Yup. They need to get the other vaccines approved. Johnson & Johnson should be given the green light next month and Novavax about a month or so after that. Hopefully not major production and delivery delays and we should be finally cooking with gas.

In some places after the first few weeks that was just about the case plus all the economic damage and untold other health problems that nobody has calculated sincerely and will not do so.

I direct you to the experience of continental Europe and a few US states like Michigan in contrast to New York City. Here in Pennsylvania the situation was managed horribly as well and still is being managed terribly.

We are not going back to stay-at-home orders, which also laughably were not enforced or not consistently enforced after a week anyway, barring the very worst as the situation is not at all.

Some others have cited stats about the origin of most deaths, and sure enough here in PA the vast majority of deaths were in nursing homes as is sad enough as it is already.

The situation on the ground improves although ever so slowly, so there is no need for more of those lockdowns that did not work after the first few weeks or so in a few places anyway.

What happens should cases go up in Toronto but decline in a large portion of the rest of the country? Does everything else get held up on account of Toronto again?

  1. Supply 2) Delivery 3) Labour

It looks to more than me that very few places, unlike the UK and Israel, bothered to begin to think much or any of the above through thoroughly before news of the vaccine, which was imminent, arrived in December. It's March in a few days now.

We have our political excuses here in the US no doubt, but I see still no cohesive federal plan as too much is left up to the states again as was what was decried all last year when that worked out horribly.

In Ontario, each region (public health unit) is given a colour code, which tells you what types of restrictions a region currently faces.

So what happens in Toronto doesn't necessairly effect what's going in other, more rural/remote parts of the provinces. That is unless the entire province is in a stay at home order, which was recently.

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That's ridiculous, why don't they make it compulsory to be vaccinated if you work in a nursing home.

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Good news in BC
Every eligible adult in British Columbia should be able to receive a first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine by late July after the approval of a new vaccine and a decision to delay second doses.

Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry said data from the B.C. Centre for Disease Control — and countries around the world such as the United Kingdom and New Zealand — shows "miraculous" protection of at least 90 per cent from the first dose of a Moderna or Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.

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End of July is good, let's hope that the other provinces with CFL teams can pick the pace up with the availability of the J&J .
Ontario has 14 MILLION people a lot to vaccinate.

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Some very positive vaccine information here

the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine is even more effective than hoped at preventing serious disease and death, safe for nearly all adults, and almost completely free of serious side effects.

Israel’s scientific results have allowed health officials to open the inoculation program to pregnant women and nursing mothers, while the findings also showed that it was safe for those with food allergies and autoimmune diseases.

Israel’s small population of about 9 million, and its universal national health system, makes it a natural vaccine lab for the world. The program has inoculated more than 4.6 million people with at least the first injection, [the fastest per capita pace of any country]
More than 3.3 million have gotten both shots.

Pfizer has guaranteed a steady supply of vaccine doses in exchange for access to anonymized data from the digitized medical file kept on almost every Israeli.

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Israel is going to be the first country to begin large cruise ships sailings. Vaccinated Israeli residents only at first.

Close to 1M doses this week!

The first doses of the Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine have arrived in Canada today as confusion persists over who should get it.

Canada has received 500,000 doses of the vaccine, the third approved for use in Canada, from the Serum Institute of India.

In addition to today’s shipment of AstraZeneca doses, Canada is also scheduled to receive 444,600 doses of the Pfizer vaccine this week.

With AstraZeneca added to Canada’s vaccine arsenal, the country is on track to receive a total of 6.5 million vaccine doses by the end of this month _ half a million more than originally expected.

At least 26.4 million doses — 23 million from Moderna and Pfizer combined, 1.5 million AstraZeneca doses from the Serum Institute and another 1.9 million AstraZeneca doses from COVAX, the global vaccine-sharing initiative — are set to arrive in Canada between April and June.

Scott Moe is suggesting that everyone who wants a vaccine should be able to have the first dose by June in Saskatchewan


A 4th vaccine now available!

Great to hear! Much quicker than expected. That should speed up the 'end of September' timeline much earlier now.

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Hooray, hooray,
Its the end of May
CFL training camps will start that day!! :canada: :football:

From everything we are hearing in the travel biz from various sources the clear recommendation is that if you like to travel get vaccinated or your choices are likely to be limited. Since I love to travel - the sooner I can get vaccinated the happier I will be.

And I wonder what other sports like the CFL might be thinking when they hear that apparently Formula One is making it mandatory that any fans wanting to attend their first race of the season must have proof of being vaccinated or proof of having recovered from Covid.