Some promising news on C-19 Vaccine: Pfizer mRNA vaccine may have 90%+ efficacy

So the CFL states that "24.5 MILLION people will be immunized by June". But the government on the same day states "14.5 MILLION will be immunized by June" seems a lot of people have to be vaccinated in the next 4 months.

Oh well, time will tell, but I wonder at what number the premiers will say that stadiums can be open with fans.

But remember though; these figures are the potential number that can be vaccinated in said timeframes, not those that want to get vaccinated.

As well, Ontario has now also posted a chart of expected timelines. It's expected phase 3 (the general population) of vaccinations will be between August and December.

That is pretty much what Kenney and Ford have said - September.
But likely August to December. Yes, there are some that don't want the vaccine and won't take it, they are hoping for the majority to get it.

Not good for the CFL if they want fans in the stands.
Let's hope they can get get some funding to play with no fans like the NHL, NBA, NFL, NCAA, MLS. Another season with no football and fans will have forgotten about the CFL

That helps but if they ship and vaccinate 640,000 per week then at that rate they have will have vaccinated 15 Million by September and 33 Million by February 2022.
Let's hope that they start shipping more per week.

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What makes me most nervous and concerned now is the current mass psychology with regards to this pandemic. This is an observation far more than I make with any given national or global challenge at hand that affects the behaviour of average folks on a mass basis.

In December, there was predictable yet somewhat laughable euphoria en masse once the vaccines were announced as ready to go. Of course it is natural and healthy to experience relief after such a hurdle has been overcome by global humanity cooperating in large part around the globe. But then euphoria is also when people also are not thinking things through and ignoring basic facts, which in this case was the required supply, logistics, and labour to administer not one but two rounds of vaccines.

Now I cannot get into why some of those things were not thought out at all before the imminent readiness of vaccines down here in the US, for that was last year's CFL Forum and also 2016 no doubt, but those challenges have been revealed to be far more daunting than anybody with the microphone or limelight wanted to or wants to acknowledge to the general public.

Now we have this "moving target mass psychology" I notice. There are reasons given for various delays, some rational some BS or the same incompetence, but I notice people have accepted more and more the increased delays. Many have become apathetic. Some have returned to counterproductive habits.

Whenever this happens in history, things do not get done on time even if everything is in place such that they can be done on time.

There is some health in some degree of apathy when we are lied to or have facts misrepresented or just plain made up by media and politicians, but a new challenge overlooked now is whenever the mass psychology becomes one of accepting inferior results and apathy, well any programme, system, and/or solution that requires some role of all participants indeed will break down.

So that's where we are, and some people I cannot blame at all and thankfully down here many elderly and medical personnel and first responders have been vaccinated, but I do not think most people understand, and some have stopped caring, just how much more daunting this challenge has become to get to even the 4th quarter so to speak.

If you manage in Canada to do it, I could not be prouder and stand in admiration in these regards.

Do I expect my fellow Americans now to get their act together and queue up orderly to get it done after the manner in which I have seen the initial vaccinations handled haphazardly like some immunization carnival across the land?

I might as well put in a down payment for purchase of the Ben Franklin Bridge here in Philadelphia if I were to believe anything of the sort. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

A scenario that I am wondering about is that this might be a never ending battle of successfully fight the virus only to have a new mutation show up that requires yet another vaccine, and so on and so on.

Maybe some day, we may all have to accept wearing fashionable hazmat suits everywhere all the time. Every home and office and such having a decontamination area at entry points. Maybe we will all die off and the machines will take over.

Excellent observation on your first paragraph FYB - oh there are those with nefarious motives who are all too ready on the first scenario who already showed the capability to do so with extreme measures that do not work and leave us in the same health boat though at greater economic and additional health costs.

Should the first scenario take place, here's what I think mass psychology will dictate. Remember "The Boy Who Cried Wolf?" People already are not believing much of what they are being told, and why should they, from those who handled the matter incompetently in 2020 and on a bipartisan basis in the US mind you. Look how SLOW they are moving still here in the US even with a new party in power and no, it cannot all be blamed on the prior administration. March will tell much for us all and I think is the crossroads either vast improvement or additional dire failure. Everybody is tired of the promises and hearing doctors on TV and so forth.

New variants are a fact of virology and biology. It's how dangerous they are that matters or not. Lest the variant is as damaging as radiation and that is readily evident, people are not going to adhere to any stricter orders now.

And I can tell you here in PA and in many states, whatever "rules" were in place were not enforced after 2 to 4 weeks anyway because the government generally does not have the resources or political will to enforce matters equitably anyway in most states. In the ones where it did like Michigan and Virginia as two examples, the behaviour was quite draconian and the people have not forgotten and never will for those folks.

On your latter point, well, there are always the doomsdayers and for a decade now plenty of Youtube videos about such scenarios like most any other such sci-porn or science fiction and the like.

I could almost accept a lets just let it work itself out scenario, except that it would overwhelm our hospitals and front line staff way more than it is now,

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In this geo area you can see it's covid fatigue .

The boy who cried wolf is apt .

You then see patterns and data that show when , who , what and where and then you start asking why .

Is the virus being handled with any accurate precision or is this one tool suits all a failure to properly curtail the severity at the point of attack at the expense of those innocent to the severe government measures enacted in good faith for their own good ?

I can't complain, I went on line to the Winn-Dixie site and got two appointments. We had to drive almost 2 hours to get it but was worth it. A few in my neighborhood say they will never take the vaccine

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Hillier wouldn't say when those 60 years old and under who are not essential workers should expect to start getting shots.

"A great question, we don't need to answer it right now. Early summer is when we might be able to discuss that issue," Hillier said.

He also did not provide even a rough timeline for when people under 60 with underlying medical conditions or those living in higher-risk neighbourhoods might expect to be given a first dose of vaccine.

Although this specific order doesn't apply to pro sports events, still gives you an idea on where're headed on mass gatherings

That means no events at BMO, soccer or football, no Jays at Rogers.

Is your premise that with no lockdowns we would be in exactly the same place?

As mentioned on the main board

20 million doses already purchased. They're not scheduled to arrive until April at the earliest, it should help pick up the pace Q2 onwards