Some promising news on C-19 Vaccine: Pfizer mRNA vaccine may have 90%+ efficacy

Markets have gone up big today on this news!

Efficacy in the majority of participants, safety data and consistent manufacturing are the three requirements that are needed before we are able to file for Emergency Use Authorization.

This is a first but critical step as we continue our work to try to deliver a safe and effective #COVID19 vaccine.


A very encouraging piece of news. Though still a long ways off from being widely available and needs regulatory approvals first, Canada has already purchased 20 million doses (for 10 million people), it will help get this thing under control.

Need to start with one!

Yes it looks like there will be a few vaccines available in first quarter of 2021. Hopefully there'll be large enough quantities to get everyone safe by summer.

This news is good news for the CFL starting the beginning of July and perhaps at minimum having 50%++ attendance in the stands

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...I’m just kidding, I’ll probably take it...I have anti-zombie antigens anyways from my stint at CSIS...

I heard a Quebec company has a vaccine that is 100% effective with mild side effects... it is still a ways off but looks promising, so lets hope that it will work

I figure, if everyone else takes it, then I wont have to

Likely this one

Not saying it's 100% effective and really none are. Promising results though, still phase 1 trials so the large scale study is still to come.

By far the most advanced of the Canadian candidates

Maybe something the league can piggyback on when a vaccine becomes available

The decision would be at the discretion of the event organizer. A recent negative test would be another way to attend. League could use this get some/full fans back in the stands before herd immunity is reached.

Medicago moving to late stage 2/3 trials.

First Canadian candidate in the late stage. Testing at least 30,000 people.

I doubt I'll be going to football games for awhile then. No "entertainment" is worth giving up your private health info to a corporation like Ticketmaster

My biggest issue is majority of Canadians do not vaccinate at all
Whether religious reasons or just do not have the time

Expect some severe backlash as well to an "untested" Covid vaccine that was raced through the normal process

According to StatsCan over a 10 year sample only like 1 in 3 actually vaccinates

Covid tests are nearly useless for this

You get tested and negative result
A) result is not even close to 100% accurate (not only do you have human / lab error but the test itself has issues in rapid test). You can show negative and be positive or vice versa.
B) even if you really are negative, you could walk outside clinic pass an infected person and bang you now have a certificate showing negative but you are really positive. The biggest issue with this virus is how transmissible it is. Even things like surface transmission while low chance do exist and certainly any sort of ventilation issue (eg walk through PATH to game, or take taxi, or share an elevator) and you now are infected and do not know it.

If it's anything like this the year with flu shots so far, we may have a bigger challenge keeping enough vaccines available.

Having the freezing facilities to handle them will also be a daunting task.

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Moderna says early results show vaccine 94.5% effective.

Still early on this. Canada does have a pre order with them too. Doesn't required to be frozen as long as the Pfizer one so the logistics should be less challenging.

Encouraging news but still a ways to go

I was a little worried that Pfizer was touting that 90% figure a little too optimistically, but a second company seeing similar levels of effectiveness validates that this can really work. Go go modern science!

More interim results are in from Pfizer and says it's 95% effective.

Final trials still to be completed and independent studies still to be done. Plan on filling for emergency approval to the FDA soon.

Inching closer. Looking forward to AstraZeneca's early results. Should be in by the end of the year

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Pfizer takes the next crucial step

Hopefully the FDA does it's due diligence despite lots of pressure for a quick approval. I'm sure Modrena won't be far behind

Onward with project warp speed Scotty .

Shields up and pfizers on stun only .