Some progress this week

I think we saw a lot of improvment from last week. The offence is finally moving the ball and scoring points, for instance! :lol:

The offensive line and recieving we're both improved, and those were are biggest problems last week. Still some work to go yes, but if you we're watching on TSN in the 1st quarter they did a good job highlighting just how inexperienced are recieving core really is. At one point they showed how the cumulative experience in games played for all our recievers is a small fraction of Cahoon's total games played experience. Good things are starting to happening on offence, and I'm happy about that, I felt like I was watching a football game. :lol:

Our discipline and penalty taking are still very poor. Taffe nedds to do something to fix this, fine the players maybe? I don't know what exactly. But we can't be taking offsides on KICK-OFFS. Boo-urns. :thdn:

Another thumbsdown to the secondary, we could have possibly won the game had a couple of those incompletions been turned into interceptions. If you watched the game you know what I'm talking about, those "almost interceptions" that occured twice in the second quarter. Had one of those been pulled in, we might have won. :thdn:

I'm also not sure about Maas being pulled in the 4th quarter like that. I'm a Timmy Chang fan, but if your going to start Maas and he's making some progress than I think you should keep him in. He was moving the ball, scoring some points. He did make a few really bad moves though, like not going for a short yardage gain at the end of the first half when he tried to pass it inside the 5 yard line there. The interception late in the fourth also seemed to be his fault. I presume this is why he was pulled, but I don't get the decision personally, I'd rather they stick with him through the game IF he's doing OK or start Chang and start developing him. :expressionless:

Overall though... we're starting to see some good things develop, especially on offence. We should have won this game actually, I think we had Montreal on the ropes momentum wise by the end of the fourth quarter. Had it not been for some key missed opportunities and too many stupid penalties, we likely would have had'em.