Some ppl make me laugh!

Saying Calvillo is having a bad year. And how is that? He has more td's than last year and is off by 200 yards for last years totals, and he missed 2 1/2 games. Its not MVP award its MOP award dummy's. Thats pretty damn outstanding in my books!

AC only played 14 games (2.5 missed because of his ribs and a half game because of the dislocated finger)

His numbers projected over 18 games comes out to 6221 yards passing and 41 TD.

If that is a bad year.....Can you imagine what a great year would be?

I co-sign that statement sir!!!!! :rockin:

Fools and their numbers!

Here's a couple: 2/7
Laugh that off Chuckles

Talk to me when/if he wins the Cup.

Otherwise it only serves one person...and his minions


I think most CFL teams (and maybe a few NFL teams?) would love to have a QB like AC. Ever watch any NFL games? Those QBs take a beating almost every game, and sometimes don't look like HOF material because of very aggressive Ds. D coaches here know his schemes by now, yet he still finds ways to get a W. For that matter, both Burris and Durant stunk out the joint on several occasions this season as well.

Notwithstanding, we are 12-5, locked up 1st place 3 weeks ago, are heading to the East Final, and maybe another shot at the GC - all under our field general, AC. What more can I say?

AC's stats belong to AC

Wins and loses belong to the team.

You really need to get over this hatred you have for AC and this love affair with Amac

No kidding!

It also tells me that our gripes about RZ production need some perspective. He finished 2nd in the league in passing TDs on a team that doesn't run the ball enough and we're blaming him for RZ inefficiency? Which CFL team is doing better in the red zone? Sure, Burris has a few more passing TDs, but he also played more games, and he has way more INTs than Calvillo.

Senior Ive resisted getting into a debate with you over A.C./ A.D., but I can no longer hold back. First of all I admire your passion for Adrian, but realistically at this point there is no way of knowing if he will turn into an elite QB. I certainly hope he does, but there is absolutely no way of knowing. It is like my saying I definitely feel that Louis Leblanc is going to be the next Guy Lafleur. MacPherson certainly has the physical tools and is getting a quality education from Trestman, Milanovitch and Calvillo. Anthony has him in at 5:30 A.M. breaking down film. But until he proves his passing accuracy, which is his weak point, over a consistent period, we just dont know.
And it puzzles me that that your exaggerated premature exuberance has to come at the expense of A.C.
Anthony has been a franchise QB, model citizen and role model, a two-time Grey Cup winner, future Hall of Famer, and with Jim Popp the reason for the Als success since their rebirth.
I`m curious which Alouette QB you have seen that you would rank higher than A.C, and which present C.F.L. QB you would prefer running the Als offense.

My error, I put my post targeted for this topic on the Als-Argos posting. My regrets.

What in God's name makes anyone assume my criticism of Calvillo has anything to do with McPherson?
It is, has been and will likely continue to be founded entirely on his poor play in leading the Alouettes to an appalling 2/7 record in the Grey Cup.

Granted...there are those who don't consider the championship to be the whole point of every season. As an athlete I can tell you that the Alouettes players, past present and future are not among them. Doing well in the regular season is fine but, and this goes doubly in the East where true competition has been lacking, the regular season is little more than a warm up for the BIG Time.
The Grey Cup is ALL. Calvillo has let us down again and again. How bloody clear do I need to make this?

As for McPherson...what else can we hope for than someone who will finish the job? He has all the skills...seems to be learning well...has none of the handicaps that I've previously delineated that are prime in Calvillo's GC struggles...and if one ascribes to the theory that Calvillo merely "chokes" when he goes into his incomprehensible slumps...there seems little or no evidence that McPherson shares that specific mental aberration.

Hopefully that explains any ambiguity I've let slide re my Calvillo position.

As to my favourite Alouettes quarterbacks...and considering my aforementioned reasoning...Sonny Wade stands in my mind as the ultimate "anti-Calvillo". A mediocre quarterback in a lot of ways who rose to the occasion when the BIG GAME was on the line.

I'll take that over it's diametric opposite any day...or any Grey Cup Day.

You say that McPherson has all the skills necessary to finish the job, but you have no evidence saying he wouldn't be 0/7 if he were in all the Grey Cup games that Calvillo has been in. You're making baseless assumptions that are honestly disrespectful towards Calvillo. We've never seen McPherson under the pressure Calvillo has. To be fair, Calvillo's Grey Cup record is probably one of the few things that can be said against him, but that doesn't take from what an incredible player and what a fine leader he is. And age certainly hasn't affected him in the least. In fact, these last three years, Calvillo has peaked, and has shown himself to be the class of the CFL, and arguably one of the greatest quaterbacks to have played the game. You say that keeping McPherson benched is a waste of talent; you don't think benching Calvillo would be a waste of talented? I'm sorry, but I'm having trouble thinking of anyone MORE talented than Calvillo at the moment. The fact that you want him benched in important games for a quarterback who's nowhere near the calibre of the superb quarterback currently at the helm of our team is almost insulting.

I'm not saying McPherson shouldn't play. A couple of quarters every few games isn't asking too much, and it gives him some practice in games that aren't simply throw away games. But for the Grey Cup? I don't care if Calvillo is 2/7, I'll play Calvillo over any other QB in the league right now, regardless if it's a regular season game or the Grey Cup.

McPherson is the future. There's no doubt in my mind that he will be our #1 when Calvillo retires. But Calvillo is the present. And you shouldn't take that away from him. Not while he's at his best.

But here is the problem
He has not played poorly in the GC The team did

2000 a missed call cost them the game....Not AC

2005 AC marched down field time and time again only to have the D allow the Eskies to score and retake the lead...AC throws a TD pass...the D gives up one

I don't remember the year but in the dying minutes...Edwards fumbles on the 1. again after AC marches down field

2008 Was prob his worst GC game but how many passes did his receivers drop? How many drives stalled because of it

2009...They won but came within a hair of losing....because of Duval. How many punts did he shank? not to mention the missed field goal

Yes the Als are 2-5 but could easily have been 5-2... or better.

You love to blame AC but its a team sport.....They win and lose as a team and IMO in each and every GC game that they lost....AC played well enough to win....Maybe not career performances....but always welll enough to win....Its the team that didn't live up to its potential

I see...

So passing statistics and such have nothing to do with receivers getting open (the Alouettes have had one of the greatest collections of receiver talent in CFL history), the running backs (Avon Cobourne's been one of the best ever, for a number of reasons) or pass-protection (likewise for the offensive line IMHO)?

But Grey Cup losses should not be attributed to the quarterback...who's responsible for....well...quarterbacking the team to victory? There's a reason why certain players...even in other sports are referred to as the "quarterback" a basketball game...on a powerplay in hockey. They are the most important player...duh. Responsible for what happens or doesn't happen in the game.

It's true. In football quarterbacks rarely lose a game...short of an interception or a fumble. No. They either win it or they don't. In the Grey Cup Calvillo hasn't...for the most part. Some people seem to have trouble understanding the role of a leader. A leader takes the responsibility both for a win and a loss. Going back to Chad Owens...after the phenomenal game he had last week what did Owens say? "I should have done more." Now that's a leader. I never said anything before but i'm sure some of you remember Calvillo's interview one time this season after a loss, "We didn't do this and we didn't do that." Great guy....really.

Frankly, it's a love affair with Anthony Calvillo that needs to be put under the microscope.
Seems someone's been sweet-talked by a shameless five-timing womanizer.
(So to speak)

If we're lucky it'll be a bouquet of roses in Edmonton
Don't count on it.

:P :P :P

IF Anthony Calvillo had taken all that adversity and led the team to victory.
He didn't.
The facts are clear
And so is the pattern
Hopefully this time it'll be different.

Well...considering his record...and assuming you even watched all of those Grey Cup losses
It's hard to think of anything complimentary to say about that kind of reasoning, wisdom or insight.
Don't take any wooden nickels.


So what, you're blaming Calvillo for the fact that Duval missed that field goal? Or for the fact that there was a missed call in 2000? How in God's name is that his fault? Was he not enough a leader? Was he not encouraging enough?

The facts are clear, the TEAM didn't win. Anthony Calvillo has put up numerous performances that were more than deserving of a Grey Cup. The team didn't win because all THREE facets of the team weren't performing well. Calvillo doesn't control the defense. Calvillo doesn't control the kicking, or the special teams in general.

You're incredibly biased, and at this point, you're just hating.

It occurs to me that if...heaven forbid...Calvillo pulls another of his historic Grey Cup brain freezes, you all are going to look pretty silly...and will continue to be blissfully unaware of it...assuming we even get to the Grey Cup.

But what's truly ironic about the whole thing is I can't imagine anyone feeling worse about it when it does happen.
It's a peculiarity of the modern world that being right so often leaves one feeling worse than anything else.
Says a lot...really.


Here's an interesting project:

Look into those Tom Wilkinson/Warren Moon consecutive Grey Cup victories.
Find all the frack-ups: the fumbles, missed field goals, dropped know...all those inconvenient little foibles that happen to every team every game.

Now...find out what Wilkinson and/or Moon did to win all those lovely, lovely Cups in a row.
The ask yourself why Calvillo didn't do the same.

Then send him and email about it before Edmonton.

Do us all a favour!!!

Oh, yeah, of course, because McPherson is TOTALLY the next Warren Moon. <_<
I mean, seriously, listen to yourself!

I don't need to remind you again, the best quarterback in the league PRESENTLY is Calvillo. There's no denying that. You can't compare Calvillo to Moon and say he's a bad quarterback, because he's not! He's the best in the league! Are you saying you wouldn't want the best quarterback at the helm if you went into the Grey Cup? So what if he's 2-5, this year's Grey Cup will be different than last year's, and it'll be different from the year before's. Every Grey Cup game is different, and Calvillo will approach them differently accordingly EVERY YEAR. It's not like the fact that he played sloppy one game will mean he'll do so the next.

Like everyone here, I am looking forward to seeing what Adrian McPherson can do when he takes the reins and becomes our full-time starter. But in the here and now, we're hosting the East final with a chance to play in the Grey Cup game. And in the here and now, the only QB I want to see taking snaps in a meaningful game is Anthony Calvillo. You play the game to win, and Anthony gives us the best chance to win. The guy is 38 years old and still leads the league in most statistical categories. And from the 2009 Grey Cup game through to this past week, he has effectively silenced anyone who claims that he isn't a clutch player and can't make big plays when the game is on the line. Hello, third and 4 to Bratton for the game-winning TD? Hello 2009 Grey Cup? :slight_smile:

Anthony isn't perfect, obviously. He's never been the most mobile quarterback, and sometimes he loses touch on the deep ball. But in 2010, nobody reads the field, distributes the ball, and makes the key play like Calvillo. The situation we're in -- a HoF candidate still playing like a champion, and a phenomenally talented young buck with a cannon for an arm -- is a great situation to be in. It will be interesting to see how Trestman platoons Calvillo and Mcpherson next season. But today? It's Calvillo all the way.