Some Positives From Today's Game

  1. Nate Curry looked better than anyone else on the kick-off and punt returns. Jo Jo Walker had a good game with returns as well.
  2. Penalties were kept to a minimum. I believe we only had one no yards call against us and I don't recall a single holding or illegal block on the return game.
  3. We have some really good depth at running back. Davis was pretty good, but I think Cauley is even better. I wonder if maybe Cauley could be a SB, similar to what we did with Archie Amerson. We have never really replaced him.
  4. Bauman made some catches and looks like he is getting his confidence back.
  5. Williams showed all of us that patience and time can produce results. He has been with the team for a while now and looked better today than he ever has previously. I don't care that it was against Argo backups on their D. The Argos HATE giving up TD no matter what the score is and Williams scored two.

I agree.

I was going to put a thread up, "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly", but I see you've beaten me to the Good.

Good thread, wlanders. I agree with your observations.

In addition, the Ticat offensive line played better in the second half of the game. Peter Dyakowski looked good in his first pro game at right offensive tackle.

In terms of #2, I'm almost positive that the refs were NOT calling no yards penalties that would have been called in previous games.

i thought the front four had some flashes (cept loescher has to keep containment at de)
i liked walker and curry running hard on the returns.
we finally ran the ball in the 2nd half more than before,

Great post wlander, I agree 100 per cent with everything you said.
Jo Jo Walker and Nate Curry are great finds this year and will be even better next year I think. Jo Jo's one tough customer.
2. Penalties - you're right, much improved.
3. Cauley impressed me last week too in just a few carries, I'd like to see more of him, really speedy, and good moves.
4. Bauman, for a rookie, sure knows how to get open, it seems. He'll be a star in future years, or at least a really solid Canadian go-to guy.
5. Richie Williams has been fascinating me all year because of watching his behaviour on the sidelines (on TV) - he's been there around the starting q-back and Charlie like a fly on dog-do, and looks like one big sponge soaking everything up. The knock on him last year in his limited playing time was that he had happy feet, and poor throwing mechanics. I think he's worked awfully hard in the off-season and in this season to improve his game. I think he has a lot of potential, and is further along than Chang at this point. He'll learn loads more from Printers. A promising #2 QB.
6. The other thing that surprised me a bit was CBC said the evil team only had the ball for just over 7 minutes in the second half. Pretty darn good possession time for the Cats.
We have a lot of great young raw talent on this team ... all the great ones started out as raw rookies. I'm willing to be patient, especially now that there's a bona fide leader at quarterback in Printers.

Williams WILL learn a lot from Printers. You are right about that. I like seeing Printers going over to him at the end of the game and congratulating him on a good finish to the game. I know in BC that Printers ruffled some feathers because he wanted to be number 1, but from what I saw today, he seems like a great team guy and was helpful on the sidelines as much as he could be.

the insertion of George Hudson in the 2nd half helped with O-Line

I agree with all of the positives noted, except for the possession time in the second half. It was so good for the Ticats because we threw 3 interceptions which resulted in immediate touchdowns by the opponent, putting our offense right back on the field again.

Also, we were gambling on all 3rd down plays late in the game against the opponents' 2nd string defense. It's good that we kept converting them all, but under normal game circumstances, many of those would have resulted in kicks and a number of them would never have happened.

I think, under the circumstances, that statistic could be misleading.