Some Points from last night

  1. This game made me realize that tis team is really still a long way away from being a contender.

  2. This offence is starting to become a bigger problem as it is too predicatable with no real plays designed to isolate players . They tend not to throw the bal toanyone on the run and very seldom fro even 10 yards . Why they make it seem all so difficult is beyiond me .

  3. I was expecting Floyd and the linebackers and Adams and the dline to have their best game to date since all are healthy but tey all took teh night off. The only guys that were doing anything out there were Knowlton , Bradley and Mcintyre.

  4. This SASK team is not that good. They lost 2 star linebackers to free agency in Lloyd and MCKENZE and they were without fantuz and Shultz retired and their new middle linebacker was out too and no more Matt Dominguez .

5 . Part of me thinks they mailed this one in because of the week off . Why else would we see such a poor effort accross the board. Jamal johnson was nowhere to be seen and Hickman kept over penetrating . That BAGG guy should never be able to dance around a corner back in the league liek ihe did on gordon . BAGG is a canadian reciver out of QUeens WHO WAS NOT DRAFTED ...c'mon GORDON !!!

6 Marcel ....You need to demand mre form your players and coaching staff . especially at the beginning of the game . This is just poor preparation

7 i am starting to think that Porter just doesn't have the killer instinct

It really is interesting to see some of the ridiculous comments made by people after a loss like that one.

Here are my thoughts on this loss. After finding out about McIntyre's injury and the re-shuffle of the defence (thanks for sharing TSN :roll: ) I feel a little better about the 2nd half.

The first half was a nightmare, much worse than any I've seen. That being said, Sask has a decided advantage playing against that wind since they play half of their games there and have all of their practices there. We did not do anything worth repeating in the first half, but what shows me that this isn't the horror of the past is that we came back and made it a game.

I'd like a little more clarification on your "Marcel you need to demand more from your players". What in the world would make you say that??

There are only a few players I can think of who DIDN'T have a bad game yesterday. I can't imagine why you would make a comment like "makes me think they mailed it in because of the week off". How does that make any sense?? If we would have given up and not made the effort we did in the 2nd half I might see where you were coming from, but I think you're way off base.

We are still a young team and have some kinks to work out. We are entitled to a bad game. The 1st quarter has been the bane of our existance this year. We need to get agressive right off the hop. I don't think we're that far off from being a contender. It was a tough loss, it was painful to watch and I hated it, but I don't think it's the end of the world.

I'm with you Borehamgirl! Yes the first 1/2 was UGLY in every sense of the word... BUT ... they made adjustments and fought with grit and determination and CHARACTER in the 2nd half.

Honestly, the D was on the field pretty much the ENTIRE first 1/2 I'm sure they were playing on fumes in the last few minutes. And let's not forget that the "effing" reffing didn't help us. That last Sask touchdown SHOULD have have been called back on a holding call on Gordon that was PLAIN as DAY.

While it was tough to stomach a loss we're doing REALLY well let's not forget that aside form Montreal who are far and away above anyone else in the league we are even with Edmonton and now Sask. And we've beaten Ed and WILL beat Sask when they visit us in October.

There are still 11 games to go ... and we ARE contenders!

Bgirl: I don't think anyone is saying it's the end of the world but i have to agree with the poster. This offence is getting to be a little bit of a concern. We have won some close games against suspect teams and have shown some good drives, but our lack of consistency, vanilla offence and fear of going deep, heck even 10-yard passes, is a little disconcerting.
Can it be fixed ---sure. Will it get fixed --hmmmm not sure of that.
Starting Glenn IMHO would be a good first step.

The fact that they did play so much better in the second half does lead one to draw the conclusion that they did not come prepared to play. Marcel should expect the same effort to start the game as the effort they showed to finish the game.