Some players to consider for All time Ticats team

Here is a website that lists every player to ever play for the ticats :



Joe Montford
Mike Walker
Grover Covington
John Barrow
Tim Cheatwood
Peter Neumann
Brian Timmis


Ben Zambiasi
Calvin Tiggle
Mike O'Shea
Chris Shelling
Zeke Moreno –
Markeith Knowlton
Jamall Johnson


Don Sutherin
Less Browne
Garney Henley
Rob Hitchcock
David Shaw
Al Brenner



John Barrow -
Vince Scott
Ellison Kelly
Dave Hack
Miles Gorrel
Henry Waszchuck


Bernie Faloney -
Frank Cosentino
Joe Zuger
Chuck Ealey
Tom Clements
Jimmy Jones
Dieter Brock
Danny McManus


Garney Henley
Tommy Joe Coffey
Tony Gabriel
Hal Patterson
Rufus crawfrod
Earl Winfield
Tony Champion
Darren Flutie
Rocky DiPietro
Tommy Grant
Archie Amerson


Troy Davis
Johnny Shepherd
Gerry McDougall
Willie Bethea
Ronald Williams
Jimmy Edwards






Only two on my list that don’t appear on yours:

  • O-Line - Marwan Hage
  • DB - Paul Bennett

A good list.

I'd add Bill Danychuk, Chet Mikza and Gene Ceppetelli to the O Line.

Bob Krouse to LB list

Teddy Page and Ralph Goldston as DBs

While I don't remember him myself (I was quite young when he retired), I'm surprised that no one has mentioned Paul Dekker. Given his stats, he should probably be on this list.

I think I'm going to have difficulty coming up with a starting line-up, assuming that's how this would work. Even coming up with a 42-man roster / depth chart could be tough. But fun. :slight_smile:

Zuger9 (a great member who doesn't visit here any more) put a lot of effort into developing an all-time Ticat roster. It was really well done, hard to beat. I have it somewhere. Not sure how to post it here.

Don' t forget Rocky Dipietro

I think the all time team will be skewed to more of the players from the 60s to today. Players from 1867 - 1950s are mostly forgotten.

If they are going with the all-time Tiger-Cat team, then players from 1869-1949 wouldn't really count since they never played for the Tiger-Cats. That said, if those players do count, you are right.

I like to think of myself as a fairly educated fan, but I am also only 30. While a player like Mosca will be as close to a unanimous selection as possible, the debate at other positions will take place with neither side really being wrong. For instance, I will vote for Danny McManus at QB, but older fans might be more inclined to lean towards Bernie Faloney. If there can only be one QB, who is more deserving? I never saw Faloney play, so I can't say if he was better than McManus or not. I did see Danny Mac play and he was, without a doubt, the best Ticat QB I've ever seen. It's not Faloney's fault that I never saw him play, but I also can't vote for him just because of the stories I heard. I suspect a few deserving players will get left off because of when they played.

I find Tiger-Cats fans to be very aware of the team's history, so it will be interesting to see how the vote goes. I am sure when the team is revealed in October some younger fans will claim someone was robbed and older fans will claim someone else was. In any event, it should still be fun.

Hi Gerbear:

I like your list. I can't think of any others to add at this time. Although, I'm not sure why O'shea is there. His time with Hamilton was short and spent the vast majority of his career with Toronto. I would think most would more readily associate his name with that team rather than Hamilton.

Just my opinion....

On second thought...what about Lewis Porter (offense and defense)....Dave Fleming (fly) ...and just to be picky...what about Tommy Joe Coffey as a kicker too (I know he's already on your list for offense...that's why I'm being picky)and for coaches Jerry Williams....1972 Grey Cup. Teddy Page and Bobby Krouse....

Congrats to gerbear9 on his/her list. Some great players from the past who gave their all. Having said that, do you really think Mike O'Shea is an all time great? Grey Cup players should dominate along with the Wall of Honour players. Great to see Bethea and Krouse finally recognized. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Where is Cam Fraser? He was a great punter in his day.

Another case of a player from a forgotten era. Again, I was too young to remember him playing for us (except the three games in 1969 when he filled in for Zuger, and I only know about that after looking him up). Fraser should probably be on the nomination list, but I suspect that he wouldn't get many votes, as many people wouldn't even recognize his name.

I like your list as well Gerbear.

A couple of things occur to me. Due to the dreaded name recognition thingy, Mosca will likely receive more votes than Barrow on DL, but arguably Barrow was the best DT ever in the CFL. While Troy Davis has the all time record rushing with the Cats (iirc) how can you not choose any of the others listed as well.

This voting is going to be really challenging. I just hope those who are left off are not offended or slighted in any way. It reminds me of when the British were deciding what to put on the Victoria Cross for the first time. (IIRC) they suggested "for bravery" to Queen Victoria and she turned it down saying that all of her troops were brave. (They finally settled on "for valour"). In the same vein, all Ticat players are deserving to be on the all time list imho.

I hope someone can post Zuger9's all time roster as I remember it with fondness for the thought that went into why some players were chosen over others.


For those who want to see the all-time stats list for the Cats.

I was surprised to see that Archie was 3rd in receiving (< not so surprising) but the surprising part for me was that he is 6th on the all-time rushing list. I was aware he started his career as a running back but had no clue he was that high up on all-time list.

Itd be a shame to see AA get left off the list, he is hands down my all time favourite Ti-Cat and probably the player that made me love the game so much as a little kid.

As for the list I am only 18 (ok my birthday is may 31st, close enough right?) so although Ive heard the legends of all these players, I only have first hand experience with a select few, and really when i started fully understanding the game is when we were just awful and it was a cause to celebrate if we didnt lose by 20 points (although I do remember watching the 99’ Grey Cup! :rockin: ) so my votes would be pretty biased as Blogskee has stated.

I'm not sure how reliable that list is. They rank Johnny Shepherd at #31 all-time with 395 rushing yards, even though he broke 1,000 yards in his rookie season.

As for receivers, Winfield had way more than the 6,625 yards shown on the site.

After I posted it I realized the list may be a little off and didnt make much sense for some players, oh well.

And in the coach's category, what about Al Bruno (1986 Grey Cup) memory is working again....

And didn't he take the team to a few more Grey Cup appearances?


1 for 4 in Grey Cups

Lifetime .500 coach

I think we are talking about all-time players to ocme back to Ivor Wynne this season.

Cookie Gilchrist was one of the most talented ticats who is no longer with us. Perhaps there should be some thought about how to honour those greats from all the years of Ivor Wynne as well. How about Travis Claridge who showed such tremendous potential and was tragically taken form us way too soon!

Let's be creative at half time!

Oskee wee wee.