Some Pictures from Practice today

Some shots I took today at Practice. Oskee Wee Wee....GO CATS GO :thup:

[url=] ... 999&type=1[/url]

??????????????? Contents unavailable,try again Bruce :slight_smile:

Its ok for me, anyone else having problems seeing them!

8) I see no pictures either, Bruce.

nothing for me either Bruce. :frowning:

"This content is currently unavailable"

Maybe they removed it some how! Ill paste it again

[url=] ... 999&type=1[/url] From Wednesday [url=] ... 125&type=1[/url] From "today" Thrusday

NOPE!!!! :?

Works fine for me Bruce, not sure what the issue is.

Doesn't for me,weird,gremlins LOL

Content not available for me either. Could they be using subversive tactics so the other teams don't get a heads up.

maybe they need a facebook account! Not sure

That's my best guess since I was signed into Facebook when I clicked on the link.

The're coming in loud and clear for me. Issac had a disappointed look. Tough injury after a great start Hamilton.

Nice pics Bruce...Thanks Pal :thup:

No pics Bruce...???? Pal :thdn: :cry: :?

You have Facebook Bobo8224

hey Bruce13,maybe try changing your settings from friends only to public,see if that works? :slight_smile:

Cant be the problem if I can view the pictures, seeing as I am not friends with Bruce on Facebook.

Not sure man, sorry, as its a group I formed and not my personal page, my only other guess is I ask for no personal or team attacks on my Facebook Group I formed, as Ive had one going since 2009. There are enough sites, Facebook groups, and of course own our forum right here, that bash the team or players. So the wall I formed is a positive feed back, up to the lastest news, and what going on in Ti-Cat land. Anyone wishing to join, be my guest. The more HARD CORE, BLEED BLACK AND GOLD NO MATTER WHAT, feel free to join. Oskee Wee Wee, now ets go get the win tonight in Edmonton, and lets all enjoy the bye-week and get our players rested, for what I'm sure will be a run to the 2013 GREY CUP!! GO CATS GO!!! :rockin:

Modern times eh, notice how muscular and lean athletes are now, muscles popping all over the place whereas back in the 70s they carried fat. I remember the line men use to have their fat bellies hanging out the bottom of their jerseys in the 70s and early 80s.