Some pet peeves.......

Since you were wondering,here are some of my pet peeves....
"Free" Safey ---- in Canadian football there is only one safety!
"Offsides" --- maybe Danny Mac will straighten Darren out concerning this one..
"Touchback" --- again, this is only in American football --- 2 points are given for a "Safety Touch"
Of course --- Orchestrated touchdown dances, but even worse are "making a play I am paid to make in the middle of the field" dances!

Any thoughts....or any to add...?

There is a touchback in Canadian football.

If you intercept a ball in your own endzone and are tackled in the endzone... you scrimmage from the 25 with no points awarded to either team.

This is a touchback and I'm pretty sure the CFL rulesbook cites it as one too.

Sounds right....thanks. But---it's different from a Safety Touch which is my point.

Just to stick in my 1.85 cents. Last time I checked, a touchback garnered 1 point to the opposition. Unless that one changed while I was away.


I can't find any reference to a touchback in the CFL rulebook.

If a ball is intercepted in the endzone, the intercepting team can run it out or have a first down at its 25 yard line. No point is scored. The rulebook does not refer to it as a touchback.

A point is scored for a rouge, on a punt or missed field goal attempt that is not run out of the endzone. In US ball, there is no rouge, and the receiving team gets the ball at it's 20 yard line on kicks into the endzone. That is what they refer to there as a touchback. Maybe they use the same term for an intercepted pass in the endzone that is not run out too.

The "making a play I am paid to make in the middle of the field dances" drive me up the wall. Closely related are the dances for making a play when your team is down by 50.

Also people who don't know the no-yards rule. I know they teach it to the players but there's always someone in that 5 yards!

As for the earlier touchback discussion, I think you can have a touchback in the CFL on a kickoff if it goes either through the back of the end zone untouched (or maybe the side of the end zone, I forget which). This was common back when Hank "the Shank" Ilesic used to kick off back in the 80s.