some people should be ashamed of themselves..

Trying to get people to buy your Grey Cup tickets for 3 times their value! who in their right minds are going to fork over all that money for tickets that are not even CLOSE to the value of that!???

that's just descpicable and you guys should be caught by police in a sting operation! that's a shame and good tickets are going to go to waste cause so few people are stupid enough to actually allow themselves to be swindled out of so much money for some tickets.

yeah damn poor losers trying to take advantage of the greatest fans in football! be patient I’m sure you will find a deal as the game gets closer

It is unfortunate that some people will always capitalize on situations but we do live in a free society and they couldn't ask these prices if people weren't willing to pay. Perhaps some of the anger should be set aside for the fools willing to drive the value up by paying what is asked.

The leage should mandate that 5%-10% of Grey Cup tickets not be sold untill after the finals.
That would make scalping a lot less proffitable.

thats dumb when it comes to regina do you think that when the riders are out your going to just hand away your tickets? i knew when i read the title and saw who created the thread that this was going to be interesting lol :roll:

What's the big deal. Get what you can. Come Sunday at the talegate out front, you will probably buy the leftovers for
$150-$200 per. Wait it out and patience should be a virtue.

try less than $150.. easily.

i can see them below $100

Yeah scalpers are going to be at the door giving tickets away.

Hey ! I'm a Rider fan how about 20.00


I love your sig, HfxTC. :lol:

Good luck but face the facts, the reason that the price is as high as it is, is because Rider fans have pushed up the price.

well no, not $20.. that's a little low, ya think????

I wouldn't be surprised to hear scalpers selling them as low as $80 when they start to run out of their 20 tickets.

It's happened before! I bought tickets to a few Grey Cup games, very very cheap.. try $50 one year to about $100 another.

It's called supply and demand, as soon as the Riders clinched a berth on Sunday night, I guarantee there were thousands of Rider fans searching for tickets, that is why there are sites like ebay. If people don't want to pay that much they won't go. I was one of the lucky ones who got tickets at face value.

As far as waiting around till Sunday for cheap tickets, I think you're just kidding yourself. When I went in Toronto two years ago, tickets were being sold on the street for much more than face value, and Calgary's a lot closer to Saskatchewan.

You have to remember the Riders are playing in this Grey Cup, at Taylor Field West (a stadium that gets 10,000 Rider fans just for regular season games).

think what you want… but the fact is, it’s happened before.

and it’s recently occurred.

i really hope you drive all the way down there and get nothing and miss the game driving home

I really don't blame anybody lol. If I was selling a GC ticket, or anything like it, I would want to get as much as I can.

You’re cruel, Jakob. :lol:

lol somedays...actually im a very nice guy...but his attitude frustrates me :smiley:

Typical Rider Fans always being the Cheapskates. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: You think your being Hosed , you should see how People out here are trying to take advantage of Visitors for the Olympics it's really quite Embarassing.

ha ha

ain't gonna happen. theres plans even if i don't get a ticket, i'm not stupid!!

Another factor is this is a relatively small venue for a GC game.