Some parting remarks for the Glieberman's

Dear Bernie and Lonie,

It is with absolute good riddance that your tenure in Ottawa and with the CFL comes to an end. We are all sorry to have known you and can't wait to forget you.

You are nothing more than egotistical, media-hungry liars. What is it, exactly, that our city, our country and our football league did to deserve what you have put us all through? What is it that you so hate about us that you would embarrass us with your continued uneducated, unprofessional and, at times, unbelievable behaviour? How is it possible that a pair of allegedly successful businessmen could be so incredibly inept and downright stupid in virtually every move they make? Twice!?!

Unfortunately, I was too young to fully understand the mess you made the first time around. Therefore, I was dumb enough to give you the benefit of the doubt and actually believed you when you said that you came back to Ottawa to "make amends". I thought you were actually telling the truth (gasp!) when you indicated that you were willing to bare the burden of short-term losses in order to profit from the long-term value and potential of the team and the league. I will never be so naive again.

You should be absolutely ashamed for what you have put Ottawa football fans through. Please leave and do not even think of returning. If we never hear from you or about you again, it will be far, far too soon.

Good summary gades! Good Riddance Gliebs

I’ll 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc. that!

Yes, they did lie, over and over to the fans. Lonie lied when he resigned about letting his father know that if we want him to stay, then he will stay. Obviously that was an untruth, because he's backing out real fast. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Now its just Gregg and Jenkins left to go.

Three times if you count Shrieveport.

I would rather we just fold forever than to have guys like these come in next.

Boy, did we get duped.

here here,So long you two inept and downright stupid business(so called) men.You would almost think that they took over the team again for that purpose for it to fail(makes you wonder).Well good ridence and don't let the door hit you in the ass!!!! One final note stay away from the CFL,we dont need people like you around our great league!!!!!!!!!!

....the only business the Gliebs should be running is a three ringed circus...They were a disaster for the CFL.....Fooled the league twice....but never again.....Adios you clowns....hope you are as successful in your next venture...what a couple of bozos....yes i have resorted to name calling...but the Gliebs deserve every shot they get on this forum...good riddance. :stuck_out_tongue:

its almost like the Gliebs were hired by Godfrey to ruin the CFL for him....twice!

I think its hilarious that all these Ottawa fans are on the 'we hate the gliebs' bandwagon ... the blame game just switches its focus ... when not even a year ago, these were the same guys that saved your team - and kept them alive. Without them - you probobly wouldn't be here right now. And I don't think anyone expected anything less from them - but they did do one thing - they kept your team alive .. and for that you should be somewhat greatfull ...

Don't bash them too hard - maybe they can save your team again in 2-3 seasons or whenever things start going south again ... Maybe it will be a new stadium excuse next time ...

Let me be the first to call it ... even if the team is 'saved' again .. we will be in the same position in a few seasons ... the fans of Ottawa, the renegades staff, and the CFL must be fvcking idiots not to have identified a bit of a pattern ...


What the hell you talking about bandwagon, some of us have said it right from the beginning. Save your speech for the hearing impaired because they won’t be able to hear your idiocy.

Face it, if the owner is a stable one and hires competent management you won’t see the scenario that you are stating will occur. You can’t be this dense to keep on blaming the fans on poor ownership. Then again…

Gregg i can understand getting rid of, but not Jenkins, i like this attitude towards the game. Don’t know why you’re so against Jenkins for.

I guess it's all a matter of preference. It's like they say, "One man's meat is another man's poison."

(Get your minds out of the gutter.)

Jenkins is a terrible coach. You would be far better off getting Dunigan. Jenkins is not a guy you can have a team be successful.

well, he hasn't done anything wrong in Ottawa yet, so for that, i'm optimistic about him.

As for the Gliebs, i admit i was one who was willing to give them a chance this time around, but i was wrong in my assumption to do so. They have flat out lied about being here for the long haul and "trying to right a wrong". So to them, i say good riddance.

I think all this started after that infamous Gregg interview on The Team 1200 last month. I can pretty much guarantee that if Lonie hasn't stepped down, that none of this would be going on. Just last week there was talk about this ship heading in the right direction with the hirings of Nicholson and Tillman. I just don't know what went wrong in a matter of 1 week.

Outstanding post!! You need to e-mail this (as is) to every editor of all the major newspapers in Ottawa.

Yeah gades1979, send that out to the papers. Seriously. You may have to edit it down, to get it short enough to be printed in the "letters" section, but it would get in, and more importantly it would show that people care.

Statik, it's not a guarantee that whoever is brought in as the next owner of the Renegades (hoping that there is someone) will continue to keep the franchise face-down in the mud. There is a chance that the next owner would resurrect the club, a la Ti-Cats and Argos. I'll offer my own guarantee: If the Renegades get a competent and committed owner, the franchise will be considered a success story in 2-3 years.

Wouldn't take much more than, sound Management, with CFL experience...
Money of course to start the ball rolling, payday is getting closer..
If someone does agree to accept the Gades with open arms, it could work, the CFL is riding a Wave.

Bob Young said in the Spec today that he considered buying the Renegades and running the two franchises. (I had thought that would be a conflict of interest, and would not be allowed by the league.) But he said that he decided not to, because he didn't think Ottawa fans would like the idea of the Gades owner being the owner of another club.

I think a lot of people in Hamilton would have a problem with it, too. I would rather he focus his attention on the success of the Ticats than the survival of the Renegades.

He also says (and this is where I have to disagree with him) that "Ottawa is as good a football town if not better than Hamilton and you know what I think about Hamilton." He seems to think there is plenty of support there, and while I'm not so sure about that, I'm sure most people doubted it when he said the same thing about Hamilton.

He says the league will suspend operations for a year if necessary, to allow the new owner time to prepare for next season. He says that this is not a negative thing, but a positive thing. It makes sense that, in the short time remaining, no one can turn the franchise around in time for this season, and giving them a year to do things properly is probably the best solution. But what worries me is that, if the league does put the team on a one-year hiatus, a lot of fans may not return.

...Bob Young is a very good businessman....I think he sees the potential in the Cap. ...that was never really' tapped' properly...if that's the correct term...I agree would be a conflict of interest in owning two franchises...and would be a tough sell to the fans in Ottawa...but give him credit for recognizing their COULD be a good future for the CFL in Ottawa if promoted properly.....Unless there is nothing short of a miracle ...the Rens. are best shelved for 06.....the league needs a lot more time than 3 weeks to find a LEGITIMATE owner.....we don't want to go down the Glieb. road again.....Next year they could be revived....providing that there is the right people in place....and above all the Ottawa fans show REAL interest in keeping a CFL. franchise....the health of the league is paramount...and will go on with or without them......hopefully with them.... :!: