some other coaching options perhaps.

not sure where these guys are now, but I really beleive tom clements would be a good cfl coach, and also possibly tom burgess.

I believe they said Clements is working with Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay.

Clements is currently a QB coach for the Green Bay Packers in the NFL.

To my knowledge, he has worked as a QB coach or Offensive Coordinator in the NFL for approx 15 years or so and previous to that worked as a lawyer.

I doubt Clements would come back to the CFL as the $ in the CFL is not as lucrative as the NFL.

Tom was a great QB in the CFL though. Loved to watch him throw on an outside scramble. He was perfectly suited for the CFL game.

I can't quite figure out why guys like Greg Marshall (Coach of the Western Mustangs) and Glen Constantin (Coach of the Laval Rouge et Or) don't have jobs in the CFL.

Marshall had a run in Hamilton and it seems like he's one of those coaches who simply do better with the younger players. Perhaps he'll get another shot.