Some one please defend this organization??????????

The team has no leadership from the top.

100% correct..But, the "Caretaker" defenders will not allow anything bad to be said about their Dear Leader...

What are we in?...The 15th year of the "5 Year Plan"? ? ?

Hucksterism seems to have replaced competence...

"Laidback leadership style". It was given a name. If only good media relations translated to success on the field...

If only.

I am sick and tired of the excuses this team is a joke.

MY GOTC1 and I have need saying this would happen for a long time. Now I seem to have
more followers. Fired Tillman and Mitchel NOW!!!!!!!!!!

I think, deep down, we are all looking to you for leadership and guidance.

I said at the end of last season, if anyone thought that Jones was going to be the magic cure for what has ailed this team, that they were in for a surprise, and that Jones was on track for a .500 season. I said then that management needed to be cleaned out for not acquiring new players during free agency. I said that there was no accountability if you could go 0-8, produce the 2nd worst loss in franchise history, attempt to hire Art Briles and double down with that hire and have no one but a defensive coordinator lose his job. I said trading two offensive linemen was not a good move with the lack of depth and experience we have on our O.Line.

Mitchell, Tillman, Austin and Burke should have been gone some time ago, and Junes...well I'd say he still has rope, but it's rapidly disappearing.

The worst part of it though, is that unless some of our players are getting vastly overpaid (which is a distinct possibility, and yet another reason management should be fired) this isn't a fault of the players. It's a fault of having a team that is way too young and inexperienced with the Canadian game. You have 8 CFL Rookies and 12 CFL sophomores on your 46 player gameday roster which is nearly half the team and 7 of them starting. Nearly a third of our starters are Rookies and Sophomores. Our team has the depth of a kiddie pool.

They did everything right until about March. Then we signed the guy who changed the whole plan and now we are where we are.

I thought Masoli was the problem?

I'm starting a collection of lima beans that look like the Leader!

I said in a different thread that when we miss the playoffs this year that NOTHING would change in the off season and everyone jumped on me, now everyone is saying the same thing.

They have built a marvelous new stadium with a world-class stadium precinct complete with trendy shops and exquisite fine dining

Most fans are still there, I bet.

This site will light up tomorrow, but for now the party in the stadium precinct continues!!!!

He is as well.

Na na na na na Leader!

Get Kent Austin back in charge!!!

So time, Bob Young's car splashed me when it drove by...there is leadership and it favours me!

Be careful of stating facts and disapointment with losing; you'll be labelled as "negative" by some those that love to lose.

If you aren't a season ticket holder you aren't even worthy of labeling.

Just show proof of purchase at the forum gate.