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There is two of them. They each wanted a turn...

HAVE A GOOD NIGHT & BE NICE ~ :slight_smile:

Travis since you've got connections. Any chance you can tell Larry we want a new coach ?

Have a good night :slight_smile:

And your son is who?

He's Damon Duval's father. I think he was upset about discipline's comment about Damon not deserving an import roster spot and or my comment about it being funny that he's "pounding the president's little football". I think Duval's a great punter and very good kicker plus he's entertaining as hell on and off the field, especialy when he hangs out with Parker or O'shea.

Nothing said was meant to be disrespectful on my part, quite the contrary...All I meant was that it takes a pair to go after a cheerleader but it takes a really big pair to go after the Big Boss daughter. They grow them some big in Morgan City !

But I will man up and apologize for calling Ashley a little football ! :slight_smile: Its just a term used to describe the kid of a football player.

There's no disrespect intended to Duval. I like him. He's a good kicker. Thing is, when you crunch the numbers, I simply don't feel he's worth the import spot at the kicker position, which is usually Canadian. And he has a tendency to do boneheaded things like get himself kicked out of games at crucial times.

There is absolutely no disrespect intended. I'm simply talking about the team. No offense to Duval's family, but when you play pro sports, you're in the limelight, and you're going to get criticized. It's part of the job.

Don't take it to heart Travis, some posters on this board would rather live in their own fantasy world. Post that SLAM players and the team without any thought put into it. There is no chance of getting a answer even close to the truth seems to be the way to go in this forum. fairy tales of what happened during the game and what the coach's and players are thinking.

Reading the post in the AL'S forum are a lot of fun, you get to see the greatest fans in the world support their team in such a positive way, almost the same support the Habs have.

It is easy to hide behind a key board and punch crap out onto a screen knowing that the people that you are talking about will never answer you.

I have a question for the main posters here,
how do you guys support your team? Besides spewing random thoughts on this forum do you go to any games? purchase hats,shirts,jackets, How about practice? First home practice team had 40 fans there,was any of thos 40 fans you? It was no charge and you got to go on the field after and meet the players. 40 fans and you guys expect the team to go that extra mile for the fans, they can't even get out to support the team, sounds about right for the fans of this city.

This site reminds me of a Springer show, every one insulting people that they have never met, every time a fight breaks out HfxTC has to step in like Steve the bouncer and calm everyone down and almost every post ends with
disciplineandpunish saying his final thought
"Till next time, take care of yourself, and each other."

I've travelled from Halifax to Montreal,Ottawa and Hamilton to see the team.

I held season tickets in the late 70s and early 80's that I paid for with my paper route money

How's that for ya.

And I'm glad only 40 people showed. Its too bad for the players who show up on their own time but maybe the message will be heard.

C'mon Popp, I know that's you answering under the the flag "alsalltheway". Not enough of being GM, Coach, and bottle you have to be Duvals lawyer ....sheesh what next ?

I hope there's a happy ending to this a total cleaning of house !!!!

And yes I support my als, from since I was 8 years old, growing up in Ahuntsic and playing football with my friends in the park. I was Faloney, Patterson, Lewis and at times Dixon.....then I was Wade and Rodgers and Peter ...I'm just mad !!!!

'nuff said !!!

To respond to an above post, I am 69 years old and have been an Als fan since I was in my teens[ back in the 50's]. At these times I remember going to see the Als work out at the Westmount Athletic Grounds. On saturdays, prior to the season opening,the Als would have a scrimmage and the fans would be able to see some of the new Als in action. THese sessions were open to the public at no charge. My favorite players were Sam Etcheverry, Hal Patterson, Tex Coulter and Joey Pal who played ' Flying Wing." Later Dixon, Sonny Wade, Ed George and many others became favorites.Now, not living in Quebec, my fondness for the Als and the Habs remains
I totally agree with some comments concerning the needs for respect, tolerance and other polite attributes etc. in the posts to this site. There is no need at all for crudeness, disrespect and arrogance in this site. While I might not agree with some of the opinions here, I do believe every person responding to this site should be doing so without crudeness and disrespct. Lets clean up our act!!!!

I really don't understand why you're all ragging on Duval... real fans would know what he's done for our team and who cares who he's married too?! Since he's been here he's contributed the majority of the points everytime our offence has failed (which is 90% of the time). During the past 2 years he has lead the league in scoring, FG percentage and net punting... Now he leads the league by a good margin in punting both net and avg, kickoffs and has been an all star both years. I think it's silly to say he doesn't deserve a spot on the roster when he's one of the leaders and better players on the team, plus one of the few who show up to play... He got knocked out of the game with a concussion last weekend and came back to play in the second half, most guys would've just sat on the bench and collected their pay cheques. But guess that's not what's important to some of us!!!

It's crazy to want to take our best player off the field, even if Damon had a bad attitude he would still be worth keeping in on all 3 kicking situations just by stats alone,why send him somewhere else so he can build up his stats against us. HfxTC glad to hear you used to support the team when you were pulling in large money, times must be tough now :wink:.
How can you be glad that only 40 fans showed on the FIRST practice at Magill? I understand tickets to home games are hard to get and some are very expensive but this day was free to everyone. I was there with a friend and was shocked to see only 38 other people. Fans or so called fans act shocked when a team leaves the city, with support like that they shouldn't be.

I know that there are Montreal AL'S fans all over Canada, they live and die AL's football like hassall. This past season I have been lucky enough to see most games in person(home and away) I see the support for the other teams in the league and I can only hope 1 day
the AL's will have the same support.

The CFL is not a huge corporation as you all know, if the team doesn't have fans spending money or going to events that the team puts on
then the team goes to a city that has fans that will support it, it's not rocket science.

Wow Habsfan52 that is some great detective work there brotha, you got me. I guess I should let the cat out of the bag before you keep digging for the truth, I was the one that made the trade for Patrice Brisebois.

How you like me now? :slight_smile:

First of all Discipline's opinion that Damon is not worth a NI roster spot is an opinion, its his he has the right to it. No one supported it. So your making a mountain out of nothing.

I'm doing well enough that I don't have to build peddleware web sites using Joomla templates and mambots !

How's the production of your first reality TV show going ? I know there are 38 fans that can't wait to watch it :wink:.

If players are relying on you to help them make extra money, yikes!
You better get to understand your market a little better because your general opinion of the Montreal market and fans demonstrates you have no clue what you are talking about. If you think the Als will one day be the #1 attraction in town like they are in cities like Winnipeg or Regina you are delusional.

Now we don't go bother you on that "thing" of yours. So if you have nothing to talk about that is football related other then berating guys that hang out on here, at least do your customer/friends a favour. Stop playing "Steve the Bouncer" like you say and take your business back to centre68 or start working on that reality TV Show, go silkscreen a towel or whatever else you are trying to peddle instead.

How you like me now? :slight_smile:

Regarding my comment about Duval, people are blowing it way out of proportion. I said that it was symptomatic of a more widespread team problem. I LIKE Duval. But is he worth an import spot at kicker? Some days I say yes, but most of the time I say no.

To me, coaching is the main reason for our current woes.

Every one can have a opinion except for me I guess, Damon needs to stay rite where he is IMHO. I have a account here, I can post when and what I like, have I said anything untrue?

As far as peddleware...Spent much time over there have you? The store is not a prioaty or even a focus at this moment. The site was created to promote the CFL and their players, also there is a section dedicated to helping amateur athletes as well as coach's.

You might be surprised to know that most players in the league are very well off and don't need this extra money your speaking of.

The plans for the show are going well thanks for asking, keep checking the site for a update.

I can see with the way you support the team it would be difficult for the AL'S to have a fan base as big as the other city's but not imposable, thank goodness some fans understand what it takes to keep a team in a city.

I had stopped posting here in the fantasy forum for a while now, but when I read what was said about Damon and him family I felt I needed to state my opinion, you know the one every one else is allowed to have.

Bother my thing? I won't even touch that 1 :slight_smile:

HfxTC most of your post are very well informed no doubt you have a in to the team weather it's job related or friends, I asked what support you give and you posted it was about 20 years ago, now I'm sure you bought a Pringle jersey in the last few years but it's time to let it go and get a new one, might I suggest #22 he will be around for a long time so you will get your moneys worth.

The "how do you like me now?" was a shot at habsfan, I couldn't resist.

But since you asked I like you a little less than before but your still all right in my book :slight_smile:


I haven't bought a jersey in a long time. Living away the trip I take my dad and the kids on to watch a game usually costs me $600.00 to $700.00 I just choose to educate my boys about our game. My contribution is to create 3 more fans of the game I guess. I have however in the past bought Items which I still own. My Nick Araki jersey. Is hung proudly over my signed Lyle Alzedo Raiders Helmet. I also have a Montreal Machine game jersey... Once the boys are gone I probably will buy gear again.

I guess what rubbed me the wrong way is the same thing that rubbed you the wrong way. For all I know some of the posters here could be 15 or 80 and if they are here is because they are more invested then most and if a young person loves the game and his team enough that he wants to armchair QB or what?. Its also obvious that players and their loved ones are also human beings. I just had no idea they would even read a forum like this.

What I see is that myself and others are upset with the management of this team not the players.

I have the utmost respect for every single one of them. They have all reached the highest level of their sport. The toughest of all sports IMO.

I just don't apreciate how the management of this team treats and disposes of "assets". I am pissed at Popp for hijacking the coaching possitions and his boss for a number of reasons.

Yes when you know someone who plays for them and you realise how "badly" players are treated. It pisses me off.

As far as the money they make. With very few exceptions they make nowhere the money they should. In fact you would be hard pressed to find any other sport league where a coach or a gm makes more money yearly then most if not all of the players putting on the show.

This may surprise you but if I was to buy an Als jersey today. It would be #15. #86 and #22 woulnd't be far behind.