some observations

I think it's easy to write off the cats. But after 1 game?
None of Ken Peters' comments in the Spec or Cat Chat were constructive.

Here are some observations...

1.The cats should have run a QB sneak on the 3rd down gamble. Why hand off so far behind the line?

  1. Rookie mistakes(drops, penalties, fumbles) cost them some curial momentum turning first downs.

  2. Casey did play well...scrambling, accurate passing(some dropped). And that penalty for spiking the ball was a joke.

  3. Lawrence Gordon had tight coverage, so don't write him off.

  4. That challenge was obviously Hamilton's ball

  5. Tre Smith is the real deal and we almost lost him

  6. Knowlton had 14 tackles

  7. Good pressure on the QB

This is a game of inches, breaks and momentum. The Als had all three. But, there is some cause for optimism. 0 for 3? Saskatchewan is not the same team that won the Grey Cup.

I'm with you on this one, it wasn't all bad last night.

  1. I'm really likin' Scott Mitchell! yes he had some bad drops, but he can take a hit when he catches the ball, which is something that has been missing from ou recievers since the days of morealle i think!

  2. Printers did look good. I think that he should be calling his own game actually, that last drive of the second quarters looked great! His leadership didn't go unnoticed either!

  3. Setta! He's just such an amazing kicker, we've definatley got the best kicker in the league!

  4. Woodcock! Man this guy can make grabs! I was impressed with him at the black and gold game, and am even more impressed now!

  5. Bradley. that first hit was sweeeet! He was a brighspot in the secondary in my opinion!

6.(This one probabley isn't that exciting for everyone, but it is for me seeing that I am his biggest fan) Did anyone else Notice Danny Mac standing on the sidelines? Wasn't he just supposed to be a guest coach for preseason? Maybe if Bellefeuille continues to have trouble he could take over. I think he would be an outstanding offensive coordinater!

But if he isn't going to turn his head and look for the ball he is useless out there.

AC and Watkins Beat Gordon Like Goverment Mule..
To Quote Good old JR(Jim Ross from WWE)

Sorry that CB Spot is a Week link
they need to fix.
Time pick an Argo Cast off.

I think Lawrence would be better in the nickel back spot and Mays should be playing where he is now. Other wise, the secondary is ok. Last night was the opposite of what i expected. Outside of Lawrence Gordon, the pass defence played well, it was the run defence that played poorly.

No Beef in the Middle the Tackles are too light no push..

Kori Dickerson got the best push of all last night, I think he should consider beefing up 15-20 pounds and playing in the middle, because he consistently got pressure last night.

Sorry but We need to make a Trade or Find a FA..
If they want a FA
they may have to wait for NFL Cuts.
But they will be too late..

AC Could have Turn Butter back there and Still Completed a pass.

O Line - D - Line out played from the opening whistle.

Hey Armchair....that's exactly what I saw last night.
Although Woodard and Gordon looked suspect all night long and played poorly....the O-line and D-line were totally outplayed. :cowboy: