Some observations from a 2nd viewing

Enough to break the bank over it? we recoverrd when Cope left, i wish to keep him but not at any price, and like you said if no offer was made, then jim needs to resize his ego a notch. Mind you Popp rarely signs anyone during the reg season. His priority is allways signing his Canadian talent first and his core. kWat is now part of the core i would say.

Of course, these guys contributed too. The 3 guys I singled out made consistently good plays throughout the game, and might have been considered for MVP had Cobourne not had such an amazing game.

I just would like him to receive a fair offer, whatever that is...

It is significant to note, I suggest, that none of Cavil, Anderson, or Davis have been able to catch on anywhere else with any staying power.

Damon's playing to a tough crowd. Yes, he had an awful day in Calgary, but it was his first noticeably bad game in 5 years with the team (I'll grant you that the Grey Cup is a horrible occasion to start messing up). He's coming off a record-setting (points) season in which his FG pct. was more than 87 per cent, so I wouldn't be too quick to toss him out with the trash. It's not as easy as you may think to upgrade on a 4-time all-star.
If the Als make the ill-advised decision to get rid of him (don't hold your breath -- remember Larry Smith is his father-in-law) and don't mind bringing in another import, they could do a lot worse than Louie Sakoda, who was dropping bombs all day Sunday for Saskatchewan. Sakoda was all-conference at Utah as both punter and place-kicker, and can expect to be a free agent; the 'Riders aren't about to cut loose Jamie Boreham when he recovers from injury.

On the second shanked punt (the one he came unglued on) the defender came off the edge so fast I am not sure anyone else in the CFL could have even got the kick off in time. The first one is on him however and the 43 yard he says he pushed too fast. So when you look at it he made 2 mistakes... I certainly don't think he should be let go but he needs to manage his emotions on the field somehow...

If I was Jim Popp. . . I wouldn’t be cutting Duval loose just yet.

But there would be competition in training camp.

And may the best man win.

I presume you're referring to Chris Cuthbert. You know, he worked at CJAD for a few years in the mid-1980s before moving to the CBC-TV affiliate in Calgary. From there, he became a network mainstay before getting canned and jumping to TSN. He has lived the last several years in the Toronto area (where I believe he grew up, before attending Queen's).

The point of all this is it's a stretch to assume a bias on his part toward Saskatchewan. He's a network announcer; he's SUPPOSED to get excited when somebody scores.

I think fans on all sides get too sensitive about this. Usually, if announcers aren't overtly cheering for "our" team, we assume they're pulling for the "other" guys. Cuthbert and Suitor see all the teams regularly (unlike, say, Bob Cole), and call the games pretty evenly (if you didn't think Suitor was biased toward the Roughriders, after playing 11 years with them, he obviously does a good job keeping his favouritism under control). I wonder what Saskatchewan fans think of Jock Climie, who often refers to his days with the Als -- and still seems somewhat bitter about the Grey Cup loss in 2000.

Suitor is definitely a Rider homer. But he kept his Riderism in check for most of the big game.

Oh man, if you think TSN announcers are biased what do you say about RDS? Granted that Quebec is Canada's French speaking province, but RDS is supposedy a national cable channel. There are Francophones in New Brunswick, Ontario, Manitoba or anywhere else.

jackp: Your observations were quite astute. On reflection the Als offensively did put it together in the second half and the defense would have " played " better if the offense wasn't sitting on the bench most of the 1st half. I was thinking that the Als were luckey to win but, as you note the offense did win their game in the second half. AS many have noted before, Colbourne always gets neglected in the 1st half!

As I look at it, it is a Quebec based broadcaster that is available nationwide. I have no problem with thier a matter of fact I expect bias

I agre with you Cuthbert is the best in this business period. great voice show emotions for both sides, recognizes big plays no matter who.