Some observations from a 2nd viewing

I watched the game again today on my DVR so that I could get a more "objective" take on the game. Here are some of my general observations:

  1. First and foremost, we did indeed deserve to win this game. By the end, we had more total yardage and more first downs. This is a game that we could've won easily if not for some incredible poor play by some individuals, especially in the first half.

  2. Our defense played really well most of the game. They had a really good first quarter. They pressured Durant an incredible eight times in that first quarter, more than the rest of the game combined (7). Durant did a terrific job of avoiding the pressure and completing some low percentage passes.

  3. Then we get the opposite end of the spectrum - Calvillo. He was beyond brutal in that first half. He was only pressured three times in the entire first half. It looked like a lot more because he was doing what he always does when he's not playing well - deserting the pocket when there's no reason to do so. In effect, he was running into the rush. The offensive line was actually doing a great job of protecting him. (You can watch the replay if you don't believe me.) He was also missing open receivers. And, just like always when he's not playing well, he was giving up on the play and dumping off way too soon. To top it all off, he actually fumbled the ball without the ball being touched!

  4. Ironically, he turned it completely around in the fourth quarter when Saskatchewan put the most pressure on him! They hurried him six times in that quarter, more than the rest of the game put together, and yet he did the most damage to them when under that pressure. I was glad for him that he was able to turn it around like this.

  5. Saskatchewan got really conservative in the fourth quarter. They mostly ran the ball. It worked for a while. They scored a touchdown on a drive that was mostly dominated by the rush. It got them in the end though, as we all know.

  6. There were a lot of unsung heroes on the Als. Richardson, Chip Cox, and Bratton come to mind.

  7. As was pretty obvious, Duval was brutal. To top everything off, he had actually lost the game for the team in that last field goal. Pure dumb luck with that Saskatchewan penalty. Otherwise, he would have ruined what was an amazing Alouette comeback. He seems to be as susceptible to pressure as Calvillo is.

  8. One minor final point: the TSN announcer (not Suitor but the other one) was pretty biased in the game. His voice was ecstatic when Saskatchewan scored and quite a bit more subdued when the Alouettes scored. (Who cares, right?)

Good points. Don't forget the missed penalty call in the end zone on the two point conversion. Don't forget the supposedly incomplete pass putting us in FG range on which the call was blown.

Officiating was not a problem in this game, there was one non call on each side and after looking at replays from many, many angles you could not overturn the decision.

I would like to add to jackp' s excellent observations. Boulay's recovery to the unsung heroes. That would have been the game. Also Chris Leak who is the 3rd QB on this team and makes little money who kept putting his teammates in a positive place.

I am not going to spend much time on the negatives and some of these guys had incredible seasons but some of the questions Jim and the coaching staff will be faced regarding Duval and Taylor. While they had a great season their play yesterday and Damon's attitude are going to put management in tough situations. Damon makes big money for a CFL kicker and he was the worst player on the FIELD green or Red yesterday and he needs to really look at himself during this off season and grow and come back next year with an attitude that can earn the respect from his teammates , management and fans.

I also ask that Jim makes a true effort to reconcile with Kerry Watkins and offer him the contract he deserves and the opportunity to finish his career as an Alouette.

I agree that Watkins played his usual good game- Popp its time for a contract. There are a number of good CIS kickers and place kickers- some good talent for development. I have concerns about Duval and, believe we should look at some of the Canadian kicking talent which will be available in the 2010 draft.

Duval needs to go. Yesterday. That was an embarrassment of a performance in the biggest game of the year. At least Calvillo redeemed himself in the second half. Duval just messed the bed all game long except for finally hitting a 35-yard game-winning FG -- yay. With no time remaining on the clock, he made a field goal well within his range. I'm glad we're wasting an import spot on this. :roll:

As for Taylor, he needs to get his head straight. Explosive player with big-play potential but his hands are made of stone and he was not in tune with the game yesterday. In a situation when we needed every second on the clock, he burns 3-4 seconds running around in the end zone like we're protecting a lead!

I'd like Watkins to stay, but with our depth at import receiver, I wouldn't bat an eyelash if Popp let him walk. Seriously. We've got Bratton, Hawkins, and Green ready to take on bigger roles with the team.

Do you really want Watkins on Hamilton's roster ? I know they won't mind. I don't quite understand how you put SJ Green in Watkin's category. Bratton had his biggest game in the GC but Watkins has led all receivers on this team for four straight years. People said the same thing you are now when Coppeland left for Calgary...

Do you really want Watkins on Hamilton's roster ? I know they won't mind. I don't quite understand how you put SJ Green in Watkin's category. Bratton had his biggest game in the GC but Watkins has led all receivers on this team for four straight years. People said the same thing you are now when Coppeland left for Calgary...

Don't know where I said that I wanted Watkins gone or in Hamilton. :?

I like Kerry a lot, but we have a lot of talent at import receiver. Hawkins played like a maniac this year, Bratton has shown a lot despite limited opportunities, and Green has all the physical attributes to be an impact player. Will they pan out? Unknown. Like you said, it could be a Copeland-type situation where we think we can replace him only to find out that we can't. All I'm saying is that import receiver is not a position of weakness for us, even without Watkins, whereas there are big question marks at NI receiver if Cahoon decides to retire (I like Desriveaux, but he's proven nothing at the pro level as yet).

That is where he would likely get offered the best money. Bellefeuille is a big fan of Watkins and they tried and sneak him out of Montreal last year. Toronto and other teams will make him offers as well. Receivers that average 1300 yards a season don't grow on trees.

I just think Kerry has EARNED a contract offer. He has not even received a fair offer. That is wrong. Jamel had one good season and the Als broke the bank for him. Watkins has been the most productive and steady receiver four straight years and can't get an offer ? I'm hopeful they work things out.

I can't disagree with any of that. I too feel that Kerry deserves a good contract offer. Hopefully Popp can get over any personal animosity that may linger from 2007 and get a deal done.

Let's hope...

You should change your sig to 17-3 :slight_smile:

Agree on all of these points, i must add Watkins to the list, his second catch of the game was the key to cap this drive, Bratton is now in line to be my favorite receiver once Cahoon retires, the man is a play maker.
Duval act of yacking to players when he shanked the ball was a low point on that team, he has sank so low in my esteem, what a %$$%. like you said it will need to be adressed.

Done. :slight_smile:

After re-watching the game, it is remarkable how Calvillo was able to turn it around after that absolutely god-awful first half. Cuthbert called it ‘dreadful’ and he was being charitable IMO. Jackp is right on: Sask wasn’t actually getting consistent pressure. Calvillo was just off in every possible way.

That opening TD drive in the third quarter was crucial. It got us back into the game right away and allowed the offense, and particularly AC, to get themselves correct and remember how to play Alouette football.

I hear you, but Copleand wass the exception, remever Cavill? remember Davis? all were 1000yarders for the Als and all left as FA only to disappear the following season, i am not saying this will happen, but Kerry is a good receiver and should have a decent offer, but i would nto break the bank for him.

Hey guys, sorry that I'm a bit out-of-sync. But what happens between Kerry Watkins and Jim Popp?

In 2007, there was a lot of friction between the two when Popp was head coach. Watkins, for whatever reason, got into Popp's bad books, and there was a lot of talk at that time that Kerry was done in Montreal.

SectionW, as for Cavil, Davis, and (shudder) Thyron Anderson, none of these guys were anything more than one-hit wonders on our team. Watkins has been a 1000-yard man for four straight seasons. Those other guys aren't even in his class.

That's what bothers me, if it was a difference related to offer and demand that's one thing but Kerry has received no offer of any kind. He's told me that he would love to finish his career in Montreal. I know he drops passes once in a while but he is still one of the most consistent WR in the league. Like Dunnigan was saying on the panel it is rare for a WR to lead the league consistently. That last pass to put the Als Field goal range...that was Watkins fighting down the middle... So Jim Come on man...Let it go. please.

I'm all for re-signing him. But I wouldn't break the bank to do so. As long as we make a reasonable offer given his production. We have options as has been noted by others if he turns it down. But I'd be careful to make him a competitive offer given what he's given us.

Exactly, he's earned it and generally he's been a wonderful player and person since he's been with the Als and matured nicely since Mark took the reigns. If you look at how much of a drop Calgary too by losing 2 receivers you realize how important being able to spread the opposing defense is.

Anderson had 2, Davis one (pre matthews), Cavil 2 IIRC, so 4 seasons is not in the Copeland realm of things IMO. just an opinion.