Some notes about our draftees

RB woodson [url=] ... g-to-prove[/url]

kids determined to show people he's got skills

LB chris smith has him also playing db (versatile)

[url=] ... h=football[/url]

one of the top ranked linebackers by duane forde..

rated top cover linebacker aswell

cant find much on greaves and i think we all know about watson.

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers added some promising non-import talent today, acquiring four players and the rights to one other in the 2010 CFL Canadian Draft, including wide receiver Cory Watson, who was taken ninth overall.

“From all of the analysis and study we have done we think we have done pretty well with the guys that we will have coming into camp,? said Bombers head coach Paul LaPolice. “They are all young guys with a lot of potential to grow.?

Watson (6-2, 204, Concordia, DOB: March 27, 1984 in Dollard des Ormeaux, Quebec) was Concordia’s leading receiver the past three seasons. In 2009, Watson caught 52 passes for 821 yards and six touchdowns. He led the Quebec University Football League in receptions, receiving yardage and yards per game, while also ranking second in Canadian Interuniversity Sport in those categories. He was named a second-team CIS all-star.

“It feels awesome to be picked in the first round,? Watson said following the draft. “I’ve heard great things about Winnipeg and am very excited.?

The Blue Bombers swapped picks with Hamilton in round three, sending their 22nd overall to Hamilton for the Ti-Cats’ 28th overall pick and the negotiation rights to quarterback Alex Brink. Brink has agreed to a contract in principle and more information on this transaction is pending.

With their second selection (28th overall), the Blue Bombers selected Chris Smith, linebacker from Queen’s University. Smith (6-2, 220, DOB: Jan. 31, 1988 in Toronto, ON) was the defensive player of the game in the 2009 Vanier Cup, as his club defeated Calgary. Smith finished the game with 4.5 tackles, a 15-yard sack, one forced fumble and a fumble recovery and was a major force in the second half as the Gaels held the high-powered Calgary offence to just six points. Smith has played four seasons at Queen’s and earned a starters role in 2007 when he started all ten games at linebacker. Smith finished second on the Gaels in solo tackles with 38, and total tackles with 52 – behind only second team All-Canadian and current Bomber Thaine Carter.

The Big Blue scooped up running back Anthony Woodson with their fourth round pick (29th overall). Woodson (6-0, 196, DOB: Jan. 7, 1988 in Calgary, Alberta) led the Canada West in rushing in 2007 with 1,183 yards. He was a conference all-star and runner up to quarterback Teale Orban from Regina as Canada West Player of the Year. He was also named a second team All-Canadian. In 2008, Woodson was injured early in the season but returned for the final regular season game and the two playoff games. He finished with 105 yards on 36 carries, recording two touchdowns – one receiving and one rushing in Calgary’s win in the Hardy Cup.

Winnipeg picked defensive lineman Chris Greaves (6-5, 290, DOB: Jan. 8, 1987 in Toronto, ON) with their sixth round pick (45th overall). Greaves, a defensive lineman with Western, was named to the OUA second team all-star. He finished the 2009 season with 17 tackles, 1.5 sacks and was part of a Mustangs defence that tied the OUA lead with 22 sacks.

Greaves is a big kid, looks like he could be a plugger in the middle of the DL backing up DB and DO.

In retrospect, I think Mack & Lapo deserve a big round of applause.

They went into this draft with 3 picks and came away with 5 decent prospects, including another QB.

Pretty darn slick. :thup:

....i have to agree......and if one or more of these guys turns out golden...all the more cudos to our new coach and gm... :thup:

Just thought I'd highlight some of that.

The second leading receiver in the CIS.
The defensive MVP of the Vanier Cup.
The leading rusher in the CIS.
And a member of dline with the most sacks in the CIS.

Plus the freebie QB.

Not bad for only 3 picks going in.

....i would say .....SOMEONE was doing their homework....great job by our new gm and coach....I have to apologize to them because as i was watching us drop in the selection process, i made a comment that i thought they were 'drunk'
That appears not to have been the case, as our final results are right up there with the teams claiming to have done the 'best' in the draft... :thup: :rockin:

I really like the quiet, business like way Mack+Lapo seem to be going about things. I don"t think they could have worked the draft any better than they did.Three picks-five prospects.

very business like in the way theyve done everything this offseason…bringing in lots of players at needed positions, not putting any of them on a pedastal either… just quietly building this team… hopefully some guys shine at tc, and we have a good year… but based on their work so far A+ lapo and mack

The National Post appears to agree with your first assessment, labelling Winnipeg as having the worst draft.

now last assessment was the correct know that........ AND..the national post.........who reads that rag.....I wonder what draft they were covering.....the one out of their back-end :lol:

So none of you miss Mike Kelly ?


I'm just glad it's no longer the lead item on the league's homepage.

This is by the way, but someone ought to tell LaPo to let a little hair grow on his head. I couldn't help but be startled, for at a passing glance, he bears a striking resemblance to you know who..... mean to this guy.........

......nah.....if you look real close LaPo has more hair and doesn't need to return empties like that guy

More hair, you say?

I'm beginning to think the team barber only knows one style....

Interesting how some of us get harassed for a picture being a tiny bit too big but others can post posters :?

the national post? LOL who cares what they say. honestly for having only 4 picks.. the bombers did pretty good.

i dont know how anyone can say like 2 3 days after the draft who was best and who did worst..

its possible that a team like toronto who many suggest did the best (but when u have 10000 picks, id imagine some guys will be ok) but its possible every last one of them are busts...

its not about quantity, its about quality.

the only guys opinions in the media i trust and actually beleive in regards to the bombers is ed tait at the free press.

everyone else, they just dont have a clue.

but hey what else is new, seems to be the thing to do these days.. rip the bombers.

TSN did it.. bombers trade 6 to edmonton for 9 and 22. WHAT THE F............. says tsn announcers, how stupid, no wonder the bombers suck

hamilton trades their pick... THEY ARE GODS AMONGST MEN

im really tiring of tsn and papers out of the east that constantly crap on the bombers.

national post lol.

NOONE knows what they have until they step on the field.

love how people actually pretend that they watch cis on tv.

The problem is pictures that are the size of posters being posted in signatures, not in threads.

Not everyone on TSN said that or else they changed their minds. There's a post draft panel video at and Matt Dunigan praised both the Bombers and Ticats on the trades.

gotta love dunnigan :slight_smile:

Yeah, but Dunnigan's had 37 concussions, and now moolights hosting a cooking show. How much can he really be trusted?