Some moves to be made

Why not Buck Pierce? At least he’s in this country. :wink:

I hate to say this but Buck might get injured opening up the email asking him if he was interested.

That's kind of the point of the sarcastic posts ahead of yours.

Anybody know if Cleo Lemon is available? ;D

I hate to say this but I know and that’s kind of the point of a sarcastic post like mine. ?

Apparently you hate to say lots of things, but say them anyway.

I hate to say this but you may be right! ?
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LOL . Ah good old Bucky . Every time I think of old Bucket head I think of the time that Jamal Johnson hit him like a human pinata . I’d be surprised if Pierce even knows what planet he is on let alone what country he is in after the punishment he took in his career . :o

And now for yer viewing pleasure may I present a walk down memory lane courtesy of one Jamal Johnson (who by the way , surprise,surprise did not make a certain somebodies list of Best players since the mid seventies ::slight_smile: no names mentioned of course . )

and if that wasn’t enough for ya , not to be outdone another former Cat now coach and a member of yet another different list of players by the same poster decided that he would replicate J.J’s hit on Pierce later in the same season . Craig Butler come on down . Yer the next contestant on the Bucky Show !!!:o

I don’t mind Gerbear expressing his opinions but Philly is correct. We’ve already read repeatedly ad nauseam in several posts what he thinks of Evans, Tuggle, Leonard, Mike Jones, blah, blah, blah.

LMAO. That Butler hit was used in Belair Direct commercial featuring Buck Pierce.

My point is that I feel that Dane Evans is nowhere near good enough to lead us to a grey cup. We would have lost the last 3 games if not for our defence and specialty teams. I think Evans is average and a good backup.

If we want to win the Grey Cup this year we need to bring in a few good qb’s to learn the offence and compete for the number 1 spot.
We also need to bring in a few middle linebackers to compete with Justin Tuggle and an import running back to compete with Cam Marshall.

The Argos recently added Zac Collaros at QB and Bear Woods at MLB to team with Micawe Awe moving to Wil and have acquired CFL ALL-STAR DT Devonte Coleman. Bethel Thompson is playing better as well.
My feeling is that the Argos will give us the most trouble in winning the east

It also looked like a pretty bad helmet to helmet hit, nailing him just under the facemask.

Unlike the JJ hit, which looked perfectly legal, shoulder to the chest.

But in both cases, I almost expected Buck's shoes to still be on the ground where he was standing before the hit.

Were you even at the game I have been a tiger cat fan since 1971 been to 34 grey cups and never post but always read the forums , the tiger cats won that game not because of there defence which got shredded , it was the composure of Dave Evans who led them on a 107 yard drive and also led them to 10 other points in the fourth quarter . As a matter of fact the last team to win with a rookie quarterback was the Tiger cats in 1986 with Mike Kerrigan who replaced ken Hobart and led the Tiger cats to victory with a great defence as well and we also won with Chuck Ealey in 1971 a rookie quarterback from Toledo. Will we win the cup with Dave Evans as a quarterback is to be seen , but he did more then a adequate job 72 % passing and will only get better.

Is that a misprint? :o

Have to agree with this. "composure" is the word for it! I re-watched the last 6 minutes of the game last night. One thing I don't think anyone has mentioned is that Dane threw the ball away at one point rather than trying to force a play. That was a veteran move and evidence of his composure. We don't need a QB to replace Evans. We need some people to get healthy and some work on our run defense.

Great point need some healthy bodies back , and the run defense has to step it up. We will be fine with Dane Evans. He will only get better with game experience.

Your feelings are not very accurate, where football is concerned...