Some moves to be made

1 Sign free agent Tyrel Sutton to compete with Cam Marshall and add insurance in case Cam falters or gets injured.

  1. Bring in a few middle linebackers to replace Tuggle. Other idea would be to move Simoni to Mlb where he has played before and sign FA Marcus Ball or Chip Cox to play Wil. Either one could also replace Chris Frey on special teams. Next year Chris Frey wouls start at mlb and move Simoni back to wil.

3 Bring in Ronnie Yell or Emanuel Davis. or TJ Heath to replace Richard Leonard. Seems Tevan Mitchel is a CB only I think but Frankie Williams could also move to Leonard’s spot

  1. Try to convince Ricky Ray to come out of retirement or trade for Steveller from WPG or Franklin from the Argos . Dane Evans is not the answer .

The Cats win the game. The QB has no intercepts and no fumbles . Banks has 2 touchdown passes thrown to him by our quarterback . Any rational viewer would conclude that our quarterback had a very good night .

“Au contraire” says Gerbear. Some contributors act as a devil’s advocate . Some are just obtuse . I’d vote for the latter .

Pat Lynch (the old person)

Is this a repost minus the Mike Jones bashing? I could get behind a little Evans bashing with his crucial drop this past week on a slidding catch attempt. The rest of your bashing not so much.

  1. Tyrell has used up all the tread on his tires. STE and Irons are the teams depth at RB and when they return we will be in great shape at RB.

  2. Tuggle hasn’t impressed me much at MLB. After NFL cuts maybe there will be a better option. Until then he is our starter.

  3. Emmanuel Davis. The guy who was a healthy scratch the last half of the season for us 2 years ago? WHY??

  4. Don’t even no where to start here.
    Ricky Ray isn’t only about to turn 40. He is an ANCIENT, slow beat up old 39+ year old. Let me know how many players are still playing in the CFL at this age?
    Argos traded for Collaros’s horrible contract because they don’t have a QB. Why would their 3rd string option help us? I think our young rookie backup who was great in preseason has potential.
    Chris Streveller, first, why would a CFL team trade their young backup with potential leaving themselves without a backup mid season? Second he is 1 and 2 as a starter only beating Montreal last year who were horrible. Zero chance unless you grossly over pay and he would still be our backup only.

And check the boxscores from this past week. I don’t know where to look up QB ratings but at a quick glance Evans has the second best stat line this past week being clean with 2TDs and no INT.

#4 have to be a joke, We need to give Dane a chance I firmly believe once he gets his feet under him he's our QB of the future
As for #3, Leonard had a tough game but the D line didn't get enough hurries out Riley.A good passer will kill any D. with good Route Runners !!

Dear god bring in Ricky Ray? rather have the next kid that walks by THF strap on the pads before Ray gets on the field Dane Evans is fine its only been 3 games and he is getting more comfortable after each one

Our run defence is pretty bad, not sure if that is on Tuggle or our DC Mark Washington,
But it had better get addressed and soon

Yet strangely enough I believe it was a strength earlier this year. Was this a “one off” outlier?

We seem to have a “hole? in the centre of our defences, giving up big running yards if the RB breaks through the D-line, or if a receiver comes into the middle on a quick hitter.

Has to be the schemes, unless Washington is ignoring Tuggles’ play, which seems unbelievable for any coach.

Well it’s already at least a “2 off” cause Montreal ran the ball hog ass wild all over us when they beat us.

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I can't see any possible downside to that idea.

According to the box score the efficiency rating was 113 but that included Tasker’s incomplete pass.

Thank you...may I ask where that ranked this past week?

How about just keep the players we have and work with the current roster??

Maybe add one or two NFL cuts down the road but other than that, I’m pretty satisfied and happy with our current team and I’m sure most Cat fans are?

If we had to make changes they would have been made already by Coach O and player personnel
I’m sure?

Good job by Dane Evans last game against BC he looked good, now we have the Redblacks up next, lets put the Hammer Down in Ottawa and pick up another win!


Come on man…quit cutting-and-pasting the same message over and over…

X 2

Sooooooooo we want to take a QB who threw for 72% and 260 yds with 2 TD’s and 0 INT. and replace him with a 40 yrs old QB who had a severe injury last year and past his prime.

In his 1st Start he threw for 66% in a hostile environment against one of the better defenses and almost stole won.

Double Face Palm

The only id like to see change with Dane is that he starts the game and play the whole game like h did in the last 10 mins of BC Game.

Dane’s stats through 4 Games

[td]EVANS, Dane[/td]

No idea but my guess is that it would be near the top since it’s a pretty good number.

Oh please not Ray(good but done years ago) and for sure not Franklin or Chris Streveler...look to young and new...remember by the time Masoli comes back , Evans will be so much better...could end up the best back-up in the league...great trading tool

While we're at it we might as well ring up Darian Durant to see if he's available to back him up . ::slight_smile: