Some info on Nick Setta

In doing some reading on our potential future kicker I found out that he is an athlete turned kicker.
Attended Notre Dame for a nationally ranked team, playing in front of 80,000 plus fans at his home games. (30,000 cheering Cat fans should not make him nervous)

He runs a 4.4 40 yards, which is quicker than Notre Dame’s all time leading rusher Autry Denson.
Was a member of the Notre Dame track and field team running middle distance.

Attempted a 72 yard FG in high school hitting the crossbar.
Did make a 59 yard FG in grade 10.
Was 1st team All American as a kicker in high school.
Had a 45+ yard punting average in high school.
Most recently tried out for the Buffalo Bills, and was given little opportunity to unseed the best punter in the NFL in Morman, and FG kicker Ryan Lindall coming off of his best year of FG kicking.

His coach in college referred to him as a non-traditional kicker.
He is a regular guy, not at all flaky as some kickers are referred to being (does the name Gramattica make you think of a flakey kicker?)

Was used many times in fake FGs because of his speed at ND.

I have a good feeling about Nick Setta, lets hope he can do the job for us.

I think Jamie kicked a ball 70 yards before... to the left.

Here are the career stats for Nick Setta during his four years at Notre Dame:

Field Goals: 46 field goals/66 attempts for 69.6% field goal accuracy rate

Punting: 30 punts/1224 yards for a 40.8 yard punting average

Here is the link to Nick Setta's draft profile:

Before everyone gets too excited, let's take a closer look at the stats. He kicked 70% in college, while Boreham (as bad as everyone says he is) kicked 72% over the past two years. His punting average was 40.8 yards, while Fleming averaged 43% (although the NCAA and CFL are a little different when it comes to punting).

This guy looks like good competition for training camp at best. Regardless of who they keep, IMO they need to hire a kicking coach, this will have a bigger impact.

I don't fully agree with Marcel on having a kicker doing both duties. It's too risky a position to have that person get hurt. With the expanded roster, a team should have two kickers, unless you can convince one to stay on the PR.


He'll not only have to better than Boreham to make the team, he'll have to be significantly better because he's an import. Besides, maybe the competition will force Boreham to take his game up a notch.

And I agree with jonesie, a kicking coach would be a big help to whomever makes the team.

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