Some ideas to improve this teams

1 We need to get a Pass Rusher in there ASAP or we are not going to the cup this year . Since BAGGS is already heading to the NFL for a tryout , I would bring in Anwar Stewart at the expense of Mcelveen as he is proven and not that old yet and he will not be that easily tricked . Boudreau can stay and learn from him and be subbed in and out.

  1. We need to improved our run defence and Aaron Hunt recently cut from the ALS would help to groom Rose and Ronnel Brown . I would remove Mcelveen and replace him with Stewart and put Rose or Brown on the Reserve list and replace him with Hunt . HUNT was a CFL all-star as recent as last year and 2008 and he was a CFL WEST all-star 2006 through 2011 not including 2010 and he is only 32 .

So the Dline would have Peach and Anwar Stewart with Boudreau subbing in and learning. The tackles would be Rose or Brown with Hunt .

Hunt and Stewart would provide much needed experience to increase pass rush and stop the run and Boudreaux , Brown and Rose can learn from them

  1. Get Giguerre off the kickoff return team . He is not doing anything and he just tries to run through people .
  2. I am actually even thinking we should consider trading this guy to Montreal while his stock is still reasonably high . Since he is French and a ratio buster he should return some quality as he has great appeal to Montreal . We could likely get a few starters for him like Canadian Fullback Dahran Deidrick and a quality Canadian Olineman Tackle that can replace Simmons and make up for the ratio loss with Giguere ( Jeff Perret ot Josh Bourke )
  1. I would bring in Rashad Jeanty before Anwar Stewart.

  2. I haven't been impressed by Giguere, but it's 6 games into the season and it's not like Stala is doing much better. We need the NI depth at receiver. Also, Montreal wouldn't give up a starter. We would be lucky to get a mid-round draft pick.

Rashad Jeanty is an interesting thought but Anwar would have a lot of experience playing the eastern teams and be very motivated against the ALS

I think the ALS would have great interest in Giguere because he is french and a ratio buster …We could get a very good Non import Olineman

No offense, but you think Jim Popp is going to trade Josh Bourke, one of the top NI linemen in the league and a Canadian who plays blindside tackle, for Sam Giguere, who has proven nothing in the CFL, to a division rival no less?

If that happens, pigs will fly. Popp isn't going to help out a division rival when we're chasing you guys for the division title.

Also, Diedrick is 30 years old, washed up, and not actually a starter for us. Patrick Lavoie is the starting fullback.

As for ratio-busting, we already have a ratio-buster in Shea Emry. We don't need one just for the sake of it. Trestman is not big on starting NI receivers unless they're elite at the position (e.g. Ben Cahoon).

The Als are not going to trade a good NI offensive lineman for Giguère. For starters, the Als don't need Giguère because of their offensive line. They start five NIs on their o-line, so adding Giguère isn't a priority.

Secondly, Giguère isn't really a ratio buster. Most teams start one or two NI receivers. For a player to be considered a ratio buster, they need to play a position that normally an import plays. Andrew Harris and Jon Cornish are ratio busters, Sam Giguère is not.

Thirdly, any thought of Montreal trading anything of value for Giguère just because he's French is silly. That Als aren't going to be snookered simply because of where Giguère was born.

Finally, the trade you think the team should make only really helps Hamilton. There is no chance the Als would agree to trade one of their offensive linemen for Giguère because that helps the Ti-Cats improve at a position of weakness and doesn't add a whole lot to the Als.

8) You say Boudreau subbing in and learning ??? You do realise that Boudreau is already our best D Lineman, don't you ??
  As for Giguere, you say we should trade him to Montreal while his stock is still high ??    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->  

    How do you figure his stock is even high at all ??  He has been a big disappointment so far this year for the Cats.
     All the fanfare, and nothing to show for far anyway.

Ok this Gigeure trade things was just a thought starter ...i am sure if we seatened the deal the ALS may consider ging up one of there non import tackles ....I agree with using non imports as much as we can but not if they are hurting you like the comment on trestmann not uisng non import receivers ....

boudreau had like one good game so far..he is doing ok on a very poor group ....i think Peach is more experienced and can read plays better at this point as would Stewart ...

I am sure we could trade Gigeure and ( maybe a #1 draft pick and Canadian DB ( Hinds or Bucknor ) and one of our young OLINEMEN or Dlinemen Pascal Baillargeon and /or Fortin ) for Perret or Bourke

The key to this deal is to change our ratio so we can go with an improved OLINE with one less import on it ..removing Simmons ...and then going with an extra import at reciever .....for example BKARI GRANT AND Aaron KELLY start with Onrea Jones, Williams and Fantuz

or we get Colburne in there or mallet or Terry Grant in the future

Bourke is not for sale. There is nothing for us to gain by trading our all-star Canadian blindside tackle to a division rival.

Why would we start another import reciever. Use the talented non import recievers we have. Trading Hinds and Bucknor is not a good idea.

How about hold onto the ball, and catch the ball when it hits your hands?

Is that too much to ask?

  1. Hold onto the damn ball!!!!!! They lost tonight because of turnovers.

  2. Watch the NFL cuts for D-linemen. The current bunch get no pressure on opposition QBs and hang the secondary out to dry.

  3. Play Avon Cobourne.

I wouldn't dump Creehan. I'm not impressed by the guy but they're too deep into the season to drop him now. To dump him now would be to write off the season.

I wouldn't trade Giguere because he'd have little value on the trade market. He has some potential but he'd come with a hefty ticket. Not worth the money. For a 4-year pro, he's shown very little. I don't even see much passion in his game.

An Argo-Cat fan

After tonight, I'm on board with that now.

Maybe we should trade Walker, if Mallett and Grant are expected back.

Thought Stepehenson ran hard between the tackles tonite.

It's time to get Avon into the lineup. Our running game in not effective and left us in a lot of 2nd and long situations.

Yup, most in my group here, noticed that too.

Weaker seems to get tackled quite easily, while we watched Simpson and Stepehnson power through for a few extra yards.

BTW, Drew says Walker sat out cuz of injury.

let the excitement befine

Cobourn is finally in, against Montreal no less. He will be hungry as good performances will allow him to stay beyond Labour Day and as such, get a full year's hefty paycheque as opposed to being cut and not getting anything else, so watch him romp.

I would expect Coborn to finish the year with top notch performances unless Grant comes back. I predict that Walker may not be able to get his job back this year, though I suspect Cortez is bright enough to be considering tweaking the offence to set up a Walker and Coburn tandem. We can continue to rock on the offence.

As to the Defence, ugh