Some ideas to improve this team

This season is getting uglier every week, so this is the thread to vent and put on the head set as the coach or GM.

first and foremost, i don't care what you all say, Taffe needs to go. 2 carries for Lumsden in the first half when he had a career game against the lions last year? ridiculous. He needs to go, a highschool coach would be better.

Casey Casey Casey. I know you don't have the best team around you, but you are no prize pick either this year. You need to take a pay cut so this team can spend some money to make it better. When you start playing like an all star, you will get the all star money.

As a follow up to my last point, SPEND SOME MONEY IN FREE AGENCY. It is obvious this team needs some veterans, there are way to many rookie mistakes being made. We need a few offensive tackles and a pass rush. By bringing in a few big names more people will be put into the seats and more jerseys will be sold.

Please have a better draft this year, thus far, last years draft has been terrible, when you look at what a team like Calgary has done, drafting one pick after us, got 2 starting offensive linemen, do we even have one draft pick active on this team? what a waste.

Anyway these are just some clear basic ideas, feel free to add to this.

dear chris 101, i feel you bro, the one problem with your ideas as far as going the free agent route is that nobody wants to come to hamilton. the odd exceptions are guys looking for another chance(woodcock) or guys just plain coming for the $$ who are also at the end of the rope(miles).i'm not sure what to say-they can't keep going the road less travelled, that would be desjardins avenue, but they can't get key free agents hmmm...quite the picklicious
situation-a conundrum some might say.

as far as lummer goes, ya you're right-unbelievable!

city legend

Well you can look at BC, they have some solid players they got from the draft and scouting. Javier Glatt, Jason Clermont, both some key franchise players, both from the CIS.

For the last time - Printers salary is not preventing them from signing other players. I'm so sick of hearing this same old line repeated and repeated. They can't afford a team because they spent it all on a quarterback. YOu talk like he's making two million bucks a year. He makes no more than any other starter. So he is struggling. So be it. But the salary is not an issue.

He does make more than the other starters and it's nice to finally see a Cats fan who's not in denial. Printers is not totally at fault but he's not earning his coin either.

  1. Use of a blocking back along with Printers or Williams in the passing game – that means two backs in the shotgun as a general rule, allowing Lumsden or Caulley to release more freely and get involved in the passing game.


  3. Try Earnest Jackson as a receiver. Mitchell, Rodriguez, and the other basketball rebounder types are not getting the job done.

  4. Scouting: Receiver, O-line, D-line. Fixing by increments is better than sitting on this egg. Some new candidates need to be recruited, inserted into the roster.


Oski Wee Wee,

Well we will see 6 of Obie's NFL rejects next week on the practice squad...Also they should make some cuts start with impotent#9 NML :roll:

If we can get something for NML i will be happy

Actually to be technically correct, the high school coach who coached the running backs last year and called the plays against B.C. in that game in Vancouver was stripped of play calling responsibilities two weeks later and did not return this season.