Some ideas for 2022 ticats

Some ideas for the 2022 ticats

  1. I think adeleke might be asking for too much money after proving he can play halfback and Sam as well as safety as a national. J would Consider not spending big bucks on him . I feel Stavros is ready to start and much cheaper and nick cross and jackson Bennett can backup not resigning slow and weak Mike Daly.

  2. Ted Laurent is no longer an every down player and he has slowed down and is not as effective now at age 34. Jonathon kongbo in wpg looks like a great ratio buster WITHOUT A STARTING ROLE as a national DE starter with emerging national DE Mason Bennett bacting him up or sharing the role. This would allow us to Sign a import DT like Davon Coleman.

  3. I would do whatever it takes to sign jg DAvis at DE as he is a star.

  4. This would mean Howsare would be let go and he likely deserves a decent pay Increase . I would try to keep Mauldin as insurance for Davis

  5. I don't like our qbs and masoli is not vaccinated which would mean missed games . Dane Evans is overrated and not worth over 500k which I think ottawa or Toronto will offer him. I think we could sign Trevor Harris for less than 300k
    And bring back jmar Smith and develop him for 2023.

  6. I think van zyl wants to play another year and due to his age 38 would come cheaper and menter gibbon, Okafor and woodmansey as his future replacement. We could sign import OT FIGUEROA or Rycker Mathews as the other tackle

  7. I think we can keep the lbs as is as simoni will take a homefown discount

  8. Don jackson looks, lke a good rb at the right price

8 Banks wants to come back likely at a Big discount . I think we should try to upgrade our natonal receiver as ungerer does not get many passes. A healthy tight end in Burt might be a tony Gabriel type upgrade.
I'd like to see acklin and Dunbar back but we may have to choose one if banks comes back with Addison, and the 2 Whites signed.
9 dbs
I think Evans is a better corner than half. So either Frankie, stribblling or Lawrence could play halfback
10 I'd like to see condell replaced as our offensive play calling was horrible all year.

You guys have CFL enviable 1-2 QBs with Masoli and Evans.
Not sure why you would want Harris.


except we dont

Let's make one thing perfectly clear here . Gerbear wants him not the rest of us.


If Gerbear had said, "let's copy the Bombers and build a team that's second to none when it comes to sheer power in the trenches..." (leaving the "let's copy the Bombers" part out) I'll bet you'd have taken him more seriously.

Our D was great last season. Lets try to keep that together as best we can.
A healthy Frankie and keeping Adeleke keeps that unit strong.

Get a kicker

Pick our QB, and get a LT to protect him.
Sign a centre and re-sign Ciraco to play RG with CVZ.
OLine and kicker were massive holes in an otherwise solid group IMO.


Yes, yes and yes... AND hope that the injury bug doesn't eat you guys alive like it did last year.

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Losing 3 all star players , Bralon , Teddy , and Frankie for some/ all the season may have affected the Grey Cup . No , it was the fault of the management , coaches , and of course the QB whipping boy :roll_eyes:


Quote the posts or even 1 post that said "injuries played no part in the loss" or anything even close to that.

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