Some help please ?

Hello all,

I am currently trying to incorporate 2 canadian divisions into my madden pc football game . the other 24 teams are the best of rosters from nfl teams ,example: cowboys QB-Roger Staubac RB-Emmit Smith WR's-Terrel Owens-Micheal Irvin . I would like to make a alltime Saskatchewan team,most cfl team websites have alltime rosters and some even have an alltime team already made but not yours. So i need 3QB's,3RB's ,2 Fb's ,5 WR's, 2 TE's ,2LT,2LG,2C,2RG,2RT 2LE,2RE,3DT,4 OLB,2 or 3 MLB,4 CB,2 SS,2 FS,1K,1P
now i realize CFL positions are a bit different but i made adjustments with the other teams,like slotback as TE and on DEF there are not FS SS but there is guys back there . So if anyone could offer some feedback or help in this endevour it would be greatly appreciated . Thanks for your time and being from Hamilton i am cheering for your Riders in the playoffs and hope they win the Grey Cup.I will be making the rosters available to all after completion so if interested in receiving them in the future drop me a line

Ok heres my shot
QB's - Ron Lancaster- Kent Austin- Kerry
RB - Kenton Keith- Mike Saunders- Wes
FB - Reed- Szarka
WR - Campbell- Barwell- Dawson- Narcisse-
TE- Tom Worden- B.Richardson (alternate)
Nolan Bailey
SB- J.Walters- Elgard- Fairholme- Fantuz
(Alternate) Chris Defrance
LT RT - Clyde Brock- G.Makowsky - Martin Ruby - Reg
LG RG - AL Benecick- Roger Aldag- Ralph
Galloway- Jack Abenschen
C - Ted Urness- Jeremy O'Day
LE RE - Bill Baker- Vince Goldsmith-
George Wells- Bobby Jurasin
DT - Ed McQuarters- Mike Samples-
James Curry (alternate) Scott Shultz
OLB - Roger Goree- Eddie Lowe- Reggie Hunt-
Wayne Shaw
MLB- Wally Dempsey- Dave Albright-
Cleveland Vann
CB- Steve Dennis- Ted Dushinski- Harry
Skipper- Albert Brown
DB- Dale West- Ken McKekern- Lorne
Richardson- Eddie Davis
S- Bruce Bennett- Glen Suitor
K - Dave Ridgeway
P- Ken Clarke

Ok I might have missed a few & might have a few positions wrong but I think its a good nucleus

Doh How could I miss Perry!!! Take out Wells for Perry :slight_smile:

Thanks ,that is a great start

Nice list by Dentor. Not Saunders and Cates at about Tim McCrae and George Reed at tailback? Replace Reed at fullback with Shawn Daniels. I even have personal connections to Jeremy O'Day but Mike Anderson deserves the nod at centre. Id also include Ron Atchison before Mike Samples at DT. Andy Fantuz, although a lock yrs. from now, simply hasnt done enough YET to supplant Chris Defrance at SB(heck he hasn't even done enough to supplant Dan Farthing).

Also, one Neil "Piffles" Taylor(who the home Taylor Field is named for) deserves consideration in a tight race at QB. Perhaps he'd be the alternate or slightly ahead of Joseph based only on his contributions to the early century team in other areas.

Spelling mistakes that I have corrected for you are Ken Clark, Dave Ridgway, Ken McEachern, Scott Schultz, Jack Abendschan, Jeff Fairholm, Ray Elgaard, and Jim(not Tom) Warden.

Dentor also had several players without first names that I haven't already mentioned: Gene Makowsky, Joey Walters, Matt Dominguez, Donald 'Don' Narcisse, Rhett Dawson, Gord Barwell, Hugh Campbell, and Chris Szarka.

Have fun.


McCrae I forgot…Reed was a Fullback not tailback…Atchison I could agree on and Anderson could be considered an alternate.
I was really a huge Chris Defrance Fan and was torn between Him & Fantuz.
Spelling mistakes were due to being lazy and not looking them all up…after 1/2 hour I just wanted to get it done :slight_smile:
Please feel free to Modify mine or create your own

I have a few responses and yours seems to be accurate for sure ,i will post final team i come up with for further debate .Thank-you for your time and assistance.

Also someone suggested Milson Jones at Running Back ? Would you consider him with Mike Saunders and Kenton Keith a good 3 for RB or stick with Cates ,Keith and Saunders ?

Cates is great but a player with less than 15 games career( with the Riders) has no place on an alltime roster. How about Bobby Johnson(career cut short after injury) or Bobby Thompson and as I mentioned before Tim McCrae to replace Saunders and Cates? Also FB Shawn Daniels is to thank for anything Saunders did, on the ground, in green and white. Saunders was more of a slotback playing HB. Another to consider is Ed Buchanan who was almost MVP of the 66' cup.