Some Goodnews!!!

Since the Ticats are done, I wanted to put some good news up...I just heard some great news from my other favourite sport!

The National Lacrosse League season is on!!!

7 year deal reached by players and owners!

Toronto Rock Lacrosse is on!

Phew...was worried how I was going to spend Jan to May!!!

Go Rock Go!!!

Oh ya, everyone let me know if you are interested in going to a game. I'll organize a Ticat Fan box for all the members.


That Sound Great Jare

I am in..

Never been to a game.I hear its even better than hockey.

As long as the date works, please count me in, too.

Great to hear.

Rock games are always cool from the box!

It will likely be a Gondola Box at the top of the ACC. A cool way to see the game,there will be some food included and a cash bar.

Plus for those who want, you can join me back at the post game party and meet some of the players.


For a Hamilton Tiger-Cats site, I fail to see how this remotely qualifies as "good news."

I too was very excited to hear the NLL was back on!!!!! Love the game and the Rock. I am soooo in on taking in a gfame in a box seat!!!!

I thought the good news was that we only have 2 games left. The offseason is the best time, it's when everyone on here can pretend that we have the best team in the CFL on paper.

Lacrosse is fast paced, hard hitting and entertaining...Having played and coahed the game, I can tell you its just a great game...Glad to see the season is saved...Won't be cheering for the rock tho, to me they are the Argo's of Lacrosse