Some Flexability???

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Are things changing.

Not holding my breath.

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Mayor OKs last-ditch stadium meeting

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At the request of a growing number of councillors, Mayor Fred Eisenberger

has agreed to call a special meeting to take an 11th-hour run at the stadium debate.

Better late than never.
"It's important that we get in front of the committee of the whole to explain what's in our business case and what it means, "

says Business Manager Chris Murray.

That probably includes some blunt talk.

Staff has repeatedly warned council that building a stadium without
an anchoring tenant like the Ticats is not financially viable.

Mayor Fred sure mislead the public on that every time he was asked.

Once he mumbled..high school sports could be considered the anchor tenant.

The press and the media should have kept beating the drum on that one.

If they did, some people who take a casual interest in this situation
wouldn't be so damn hard to convince that that is definitely a fact.

Unless something breaks in the next few days, that message is more likely to harden than soften.

But Murray may also want to publicly hold out some hope.

In an interview, [b]Murray said he believes HostCo, the Pan Am organizers,

will accept changes to the submitted business plan if the city
and Ticats reach a consensus on a site -- within a reasonable time.
HostCo hasn't set a firm date for announcing

a funding decision, but Murray expects it to be in the fall.

Given the public and government interest in finding a solution to the impasse,

Murray says he'd be "shocked" if HostCo ignored a significant breakthrough.

"I think people do want all the cooler heads to prevail
and find an answer that's respectful of all the positions, " he said.

Three or four days to go and now our city council
and city staff are finally getting down to brass tacks.

Murray, who has power, and who now obviously knows that the stadium won't work financially for Hamilton without the Tiger Cats, is a white knight here. The article says he is trying to bring Young back into the picture too. If a solution exists, he is the best hope now.

Either he's been singing a different tune or nobody has been listening Murray has had no influence if he's told council that Rheem doesn't work during this entire process. It has never made financial sense. What changed ?? My guess is its the public outcry that has changed councilors minds more than anything. RTH and the crew are pulling their hair out that they are losing the publicity vs reality battle


Councillor Terry Whitehead believes the mayor was reluctant to call a meeting because he's worried it could turn into a "kangaroo court" over his failure to tell council the province was ready to discuss helping the city make the now-rejected east Mountain site work.

But Whitehead says that's an issue for voters to judge.

"The priority is not to build a circus around that but to find a (stadium) solution, " said Whitehead.


Sound advice under the circumstances becuase they aren't going to "solve" that issue there.

I'm not sure I hold out much hope of that though - an election is coming up, and there are a few glory hounds on council that won't be able to help themselves but try to score political points by using it as a forum for bashing the mayor. And because two of the worst glory hounds don't want a stadium anywhere, sabotaging this meeting may be pretty hard for them to resist.

Hope I'm wrong but ...

I'm sure you are not wrong about the issue being brought up, discussed loudly and not politely. I am sure you are wrong that it should not be so. Its too late to change much now IMO so this is bound to break out even if council tries to stay on track and discuss options available to them since there really aren't any other than Rheem and East Mountain neither of which is even remotely close to the best solution

After watching CHCH News yesterday on York University I have no idea why they offered Hamilton the stadium. The place is perfect and now I know why they have given us extensions. Hostco's plan "B"is ready just to put the shovel in the ground to build the stadium around the existing football field. They have public transit already going into the campus, there is a subway station in construction that will be ready in 2015 in time for the games and guess what, 10,000 existing parking spots. I was amazed at what i saw and said to myself why did they offer us the stadium?

Someone very high up in government must have called in a lot of favours because business wise York University is the absolutely perfect place to build that stadium.

After seeing what I saw on the news, the report by the Canadian Federation of Businesses my vote goes for York University if I was on the Hostco board! Why waste anymore time on loser central!

Could you imagine being the high level offical that pushed for Hamilton !!! Yikes. The debate comes down to the lay of the land in Hamilton and allthough it has so far been an epic failure we have learned allot about ourselves.

I am pretty sure the reason for local areas outside of Toronto were included with the games was all down to cost dispersion ..
sure there was the promise of an extra benefit from it and something that would hopefully last but it was all down to spreading out the costs of the games so Toronto is not footing the bill all on its own .. makes it cheaper on them to have Hamilton build a stadium and other places to build facilities ...

thats why Toronto did that with the olympic some years ago and why they did it now ...

coupe: "Why did they offer Hamilton the stadium?". Answer: for the two local Liberal MPP's and the West Harbour restoration.

        Here's another question.....why did the Tiger-Cats get so much clout on the stadium?  Answer:  David Braley. I'm not being negative about that but I think he pushed that part of the deal as a favour to Bob Young. Good for David Braley but how was he to know that it would later backfire?
   That's my take.

The MPP's in Hamilton are light weight at best and have no pull but I do believe it is Braley with the clout. As for the west harbour, it does not even come into play here because Braley, Foxcroft and the rest of them wanted Confederation Park and said so from the get go. Collins for whatever underhanded gain he gets shut it down. I do not remember anyone as a council member shutting down a discussion unless he called in favours from the rest of the baboon pack including Hitler!

Hostco arm was twisted but they knew that the backup was ready to go. That is the only reason they gave into Braley and gave us extensions. What I saw and anyone else that watched that report the field is there and there is plenty of room to build the stadium around it. They already have the plans to build it is just a matter of Hostco saying go!

This so called meeting next Tuesday....shows how important it is to them (sarcasim)and no I do not care if they are on holidays get your butts back here today and have a meeting Thursday!!!! It is not even money that Hostco will give us an extension, being in management myself for 30 years it's a no brainer time is up, Hello York on August 31.

You don't think there's much potential in the Longwood location, AKT?

Yes I do. Not sure where you got the impression I didn't. Longwood is better than both of the sites that have the required research to make a decision on. The problem is that its too late to get the studies done to even have a vote on it

Why did the cats have so much clout, simple....we needed a major tenant to carry on after the Pan-Am games and the Tiger Cats were (are) the only game in town.

There is a fairly long history as to why Hamilton was a key player in the Games at one time.

This Pan Am games bid was reboot of two previous Commonwealth Games bids that Hamilton did all of the heavy lifting on. In one case, it was admitted that Hton had the best bid by far, but the Feds supported a Halifax bid (in the interest of dispersing infrastructure spending more widely). Halifax infighting screwed it up and they withdrew their bid (instructive for Hton bashers that are sure that Hfax is a better location for BY?) too late for Canada to put another bid forward.

When the Pan Am opportunity came up, Hton was reluctant to bid, having invested mucho $ in previous bids that they were screwed out of by higher levels of gov't. Hton was convinced by the province and feds that they should get back in the ring as a key component of a regional Golden Horseshoe bid, with the image boost of "world class" TOs involvement the slam dunk to win the bid. TO was non-commital at first, but gradually warmed up to the infrastructure money that would be available to help remediate brownfields in their East Harbour (sound familiar?).

The bid was won, with the Pan Am people of course wanting, for obvious reasons, a games that was as centrally located in and around TO as possible. And, for our part, we have given them plenty of excuses to excercise that preference.

BTW, the WH stadium was not some recent construct of the Mayor, as some would suggest - it has been the central component, and WH remediation the primary infrastrucutre target, of all three of the recent Games bids we've been involved in. And those games bid predate FE's reign by many years. Not saying it's the best location, just putting forward a little historical prespective on why the roots are so deeply entrenched on that location.

For the love of Pete, JUST FIX IT. This is ridiculous. All these rocket scientists on both sides of the issue still can't come up with a viable solution. Give me a break. I don't care where the stupid stadium goes IN HAMILTON. I just want to watch football.

Sorry but I believe your take is wrong.

As I mentioned in another post (somewhere, can't remember there's so many threads :roll: ), one of the problems with many WH supporters is their belief that the upper level government money is intended to clean up and "fix" WH. I don't recall that being anywhere in PanAm discussions or it's mandate.

Those government funds have been "misappropriated" by the City/Mayor/brownfield-downtown advocates and steered away from it's intended use (for the stadium) and redirected to fix up WH/downtown first, with the stadium a fortunate added bonus.

And yes, Mr Braley (and others, I think Gene Sutton's name has been mentioned) championed Hamilton because it needed a replacement for IWS and this was a convenient (probably only) way to direct so much government money Hamilton's way.

The ideological greed and single-minded fixation on the downtown and land remediation has possibly (probably) lost it all.

We'll have to see if Council will now show flexibility with this upcoming meeting.

It's taken them long enough (probably too long) to face reality, wake up and realize the importance of having a major tenant (the TiCats) for a stadium to be viable but if past history is any indication and with the many ideologically driven boneheads on Council, I'm not holding my breath re Council changing it's position.

Yeah, who knows. Maybe there has already been significant study done on this site for the Mac park. Hopefully something could be expedited.

Another momentous event today: the mighty Hamilton Spectator editorial is saying they may have beem wrong to support the West Harbour so vigorously, and maybe there should be some flexibility. Ya think??

Do you thing that mayor and/or city representatives got a heads-up from HOSTCO that the city's plan for WH wasn't going to make the cut and they better come up with something that could be seen as workable? That would involve the Cats coming back to the table. This meeting should be about the site and plan only. Anything that councillors feel that might or might not have been mishandled by the mayor should be left for another occassion. Get the stadium issue resolved first. Please.