some fans

has anyone noticed that some fans are afraid to cheer for or speak well of their hometown teams?

Like say one isa bomber/jets/ Manitoba curlers fan and constantly is critical of said teams.

I have encountered more than a few skittish fans over the years :slight_smile:

Like the Blue Jays and Leafs fans here .... ;D

You have to remember though that some people only care, for example, about the NCAA basketball tournament and yet won't give the time of day, as basketball fans, to their local Canadian university basketball team.

This is how many Canadians work and don't get me wrong, I'm not making judgements, I for example still have the Detroit Tigers as my fav baseball team with the Blue Jays second, so who am I to say what's "right" or "wrong" or "acceptable" or whatever. :-\

I think there is a defense mechanism involved in many cases. One is afraid to actually believe in the team one wants to cheer for so that it is easier to deal with losing.

I agree with you FYB...maybe this poster would have more credibility if he didn't give players, coaches & management derogatory nicknames (some even have no imagination, using the same word to describe two or more people). It may be entertaining to read, but in the end, is nothing more than gibberish. Add to that, he has been consistently wrong about the one team that he constantly asserts is not as good as their record indicates.