Some "famous" NFL QBs have taken too many shots

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There’s no question in Warren Moon’s mind that Damon Allen should eventually join him in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

But another member of that shrine, located in Canton, Ohio, doesn’t think the Toronto Argonaut pivot belongs there.

“The NFL’s the NFL,” former Miami Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino said on TSN’s Sportscentre Wednesday. “He’s been an incredible player … and he’s accomplished some great things in Canada. He obviously deserves recognition because of longevity and what he’s done statistically. But to say he should be in the NFL Hall of Fame is a bit of a stretch.”

Moon, who led the Edmonton Eskimos to five straight Grey Cup triumphs before getting an opportunity to play in the NFL, where he starred for another 17 years, said yesterday there is no question that Allen deserves the honour, which is not just reserved for NFL players.

“It’s the Pro Football Hall of Fame, not the NFL Hall of Fame or the CFL Hall of Fame,” Moon said. “He is playing pro football right now and is about to become the all-time leader in passing yardage, so why wouldn’t he be considered for the Pro Football Hall of Fame?”

Allen, 43, heads into Monday’s Labour Day Classic against the Hamilton Tiger-Cats needing 164 yards to tie Moon’s record of 70,553 career passing yards.

Should he break the mark in Hamilton, there will be a stoppage of play and commissioner Tom Wright will make a presentation to Allen.

When the two teams meet again the following Saturday at the Rogers Centre, Allen will be honoured in a pre-game ceremony at which Moon will be present.

Allen said he will continue to be a fan of Marino’s despite the retired NFLer’s comments. “Everyone has their own opinions on who should be in and who shouldn’t. It’s just his opinion.”

Allen, who is a shoo-in to be elected to the Canadian Football Hall of Fame, credits Moon with opening the door for players other than NFL pros to be considered for Canton’s hall.

Moon came to the CFL in 1978 after he wasn’t selected in the NFL draft despite leading the University of Washington to the Rose Bowl title. It was believed at the time that an African American could not play quarterback or be accepted as the leader of the offence.

Moon said he’s pleased that another black quarterback will be the first to break his record.

“There’s no question about it,” he said. "I was telling Damon that … him being the guy who’s going to break this record is more special to me because of our relationship and the fact that he’s African American.

“Now we’re going to have two African Americans as the top two all-time passing yardage leaders in pro football at a position where as recently as 20 years ago they felt an African American could not play.”

Allen said after he graduated from Cal-State Fullerton, it was watching Moon that inspired him to join the CFL.

And while he never played in the NFL where his brother, Marcus, became a hall of fame running back, Allen said he’s lived his dream of playing pro football in Canada.

....poor Marino makes no sense....he must be still traumatized by his kidnapping by Finkle/Eichorn.....

the thing is...marino is calling it the NFL hall of fame.

as ive said all along:

if damon doesnt get in, then stop the farce and re-name it the NFL hall and not the PRO FOOTBALL hall.

You’re forgetting, d_g; almost anything worldly sports related within U.S. territory is veiledly limited to how things should be American-only, in their own perception.

Case in point, the whole argument that the winners of the “Super Bore” are the “world champions.” Everyone knows that’s a bigger load than the type McMahon spews out, but in the American sporting world’s perception, unless they dominate it, it doesn’t mean sweet bugga all.

Just watch, since the Greeks knocked off the Yanks over in Japan in the World Basketball Championships, they’ll just pan the tournament off as another after thought. It was like that when they got bounced from the World Baseball Classic, as well: “We didn’t win it, so who cares about its importance?”

im just watching highlights on tsn, and thier showing a preseason game forom green bay.

i like how the grass is different shades of green every 5 yards....its a nice look, and i'd like to see that in sask. or ottawa next year ( anyone have a pic of ottawas new turf? )

Sask dosent have artificial grass like the packers

no, but sask will get some next year...i was sayin, it'd be cool if thier new turf has that look.

same with ottawas new turf.

Thing is, I believe the turf at Lambeau Field is natural grass; hence, why Chris Berman on ESPN always refers to it as "the frozen tundra." Obviously, The Bermanator hasn't seen a game played at Commonwealth. Anyway, I think the reason why its like that is the way its mowed, but I could be wrong.

HA!!! The fact that he’s in there is a BIT OF A STRETCH.

would this still be an issue if they changed the pro football hall of fame name to NFL hall of fame, cause that really is what it is.

What if some guy playing arena football or NFLE puts up even more numbers than Allen over even more yrs of playing.

Fact is, if Allen had been given a fair shot at QB in the NFL, his numbers wouldnt be half as good and he would never have qualified anyhow.

if it was CALLED the NFL hall, noone would mention it, cuz he never played in the NFL.


This remains me of the " ROCK AND ROLL HALL of FAME "

Located in OHIO , chosen by ROLLING STONE Mag. writers , in New YORK!

Maybe be they should have call it " America's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame "

And the "PRO FOOTBALL HALL" should be the the " NFL HALL "

exactly. Everyone knows it really is the NFL hall of fame, just like everyone knows the world series is really just the MLB championship. To try to use semantics to get a CFL player who never could acheived much in the NFL in to their HOF is pointless. Marino is Right.

Oh well the U.S. lost to GREECE in the TRUE WORLD Basketball Championships semi , today.

The U.S. are out and going for 3rd!

Let's see: In American NBA:

  1. Steve Nash - MVP--- Canadian
  2. Dirk Niwitzki --- 1st All- star team - runner-up MVP --- German
  3. Manu Ginobli - All-star - Argentinan
  4. etc. etc.

Would have to disagree there. I think although his numbers might not be as high, he still would have had a HOF career down here. He's just too good not to.

You'll have to elaborate on that one hellothere. I think I know what you're saying, but in reality the RARHOF was named that because it was an american DJ, Alan Freed, in the 50's that coined the phrase. And..he was located in Ohio. And no it shouldn't be called "america's" HOF because it clearly has enshrined acts from all over the world.

They may call it the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but its just a name. It really is the NFL Hall of Fame, and its for NFL greatness. Moon achieved that greatness with his play in the NFL. The CFL may have him his chance, but if he had an average career in the NFL he would not have been enshrined in Canton.

on a per yr basis, he was never top 5 for CFL. His career totals, as many of us have said often, are only a result of his longevity. Yes it is remarkable that he can still play as well as he does at his age, but that doesnt mean he ever reached a TOO GOOD level. It only means that he sustained his own best level for a longer time than most. He has never played NFL calibrestyle.

I love Dan Marino, but if HE played in the CFL, he wouldn’t be saying that, but anyway, Allen should be accepted into the pro football HOF in Ohio, if not, call it NFL, and build a REAL pro football HOF in OKC for BOTH cfl and NFL players.

It’s great to see Moon so passionate in giving the CFL it’s due, he is a real poster boy for this league.