Some Comments From The Game

Was at the game Friday night but couldn't post from there. Away for 2 days and now back.

  1. Neither I nor others around could post from the game due to the site not taking posts from mobile phones. Hope it gets fixed for next game.

  2. Looks like a lot of people had tickets but didn't come. Looked like the stands from 10 years ago.

Nope.... no wind to affect Mandell. He was just plain inconsistent.

  1. Scoreboard still going with Tweets and other messaging but in a size type that people past the 30 yard line and south can't read. Don't know why they haven't bumped up the size of the type yet. It's also a hard to read condensed font that's really cool when it's on your personal screen....

It was! :smiley: The backflip after was especially special.

  1. What camerawork were posters referring to???? Did a stream get going?

  2. What a relaxing evening. Fun to watch the game and not feel like we had to pressure the opposing O with sound or even have to listen to the radio for nuances. It was just nice to be at a football game again. Preseason for the fans - AND CLEARLY THE REFS - too.

Yes it was streamed from both and Facebook Live(a first for this new technology from Facebook)
As far as tweets....why do we care what some random people tweet out during a game? Most of it is nonsense that has no bearing on anything other than people who want to see their tweets displayed for all to see. " great special teams play" "great catch by Owens"..really??

If you subscribe to a feed ....great you have interest in a football game no so much.

I don't get it. Can someone explain it to me.

I agree. The tweets seem silly to me but they also seem to post other info.

I was referring to the fact that whomever was directing the cameras thought that it was a great idea to show a girl doing a gymnastics routine on the patio rather than the actual play on the field.


Agreed! Somebody should look at a replay of the game feed and see for themselves what could be improved on. After all, it was a "preseason" game so I'm sure they (the broadcast crew) are looking at getting "game ready", too. :wink: