Some coaching thoughts

Just some of my own thoughts on how coaching may shape up for next season
Edmonton …Rick Campbell This is a lock. Maas has had the personal, just can’t get it done, sideline antics, penalties too
Toronto…How did Chamblin get this gig to begin with? Maybe Maas? Maybe O’Shea if they can’t lick the Stamps this weekend
Ottawa…Longshot here but maybe Noel Thorpe, HC aspirations, knows the East division
Winnipeg…if O’Shea can’t advance, then O’Shea could be moved, leaving Paul LaPolice to take over
BC…Paul LaPolice? We’ll have to see what happens in the Peg this weekend
All others remain in place, Congrats!

Awesome idea for a thread, I’ve been looking for a place to write down these thoughts the last couple days.

Rick Campbell -> EDM if Edmonton loses I think there is a good chance Maas gets let go

O’Shea -> TOR I think whether this is a Chris Jones leaving after he wins situation or the Bombers gets beat early and want to go in another direction, O’Shea and Pinball, gotta happen.

Noel Thorpe -> OTT, promotion.

Lapolice -> WPG, promotion.

Mark Washington -> BC, obviously Mark has the connection to BC, former player and coach. Hopefully with a Grey Cup Ring this year, could help his cause.

Devon Claybrooks -> HAM DC, connection with JaGared Davis could help here, would be a good fit to get his coaching career back on track.

Maas -> No Idea… Maas could be held to an offensive Coordinator role with OTT potentially?

It’s a petty, generational thing, but for me, Claybrooks and the skewed hat showed me he wants to be one of the boys, and not the boss. Sort of like the Dad who thinks he can be his son’s best friend and buddy, not his parent.

If you want to be in charge, you have to be in charge, and to look and act the part. Always had the feeling that Claybrooks never took that step?

I imagine you felt pretty good last year when one of our coaches left tickets for Elvis every game

(I agree that the hat thing is goofy, BTW)

That BC coaching staff at times looked confused or even shell-shocked near the end of games they were inevitably going to lose. I think they were in over their head.

Hah! Caught me out ExPat. Although to be honest, my sister was the Elvis fan as kids. Now, I just like the music ;D

That’s a good point about Washington. They loved him in BC and talked about him taking over for Wally last year, but they passed on him.
Claybrooks will be a top DC again. Personally I don’t mind his hat. Lots of guys wear their hats backwards and nobody minds.
Also, maybe his hat is straight but his head is crooked?

Wow... you can conclude all this because the guy wears his hat cocked two inches to one side?

What would it say about the man if he chose to wear a flat bill hat instead of a curved bill?

Sorry, Seymour, but yeah, the hat, the demeanor, the body language, the sideline interactions. I guess I’ll have admit to any politically incorrect labels you might wish to apply, but, I do tend to base my assumptions of people upon how they present themselves publically.

BTW, my grandson wears his hat backwards, and I actually bought him a flat brimmed Tiger Cat hat last year. So I guess I’d have to say although I’d not expect my grandson to be HC of a CFL team, but I’d be okay with Claybrooks wearing one. :slight_smile:

You're a hattist

Times change . Styles change . George Halas and Tom Landry wore fedoras and a suit and tie . Today Bill Belichick wears sweatshirts, hoodies, shorts, sweatpants, or slacks. New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton dresses similarly .

These hall of famers were great coaches . Clothing had nothing to do with it. If you had undefeated seasons, you could dress like Liberace . Nobody cares , if you’re winning .

I can remember watching Mike McCarthy walking the sidelines in November . He’d be wearing his customary shorts and football cleats.

I see Palmer’s point but if Claybrooks was winning, then all sartorial splendour would be accepted .

Pat Lynch ( a golf shorts in November kind of guy)

LOL! This is turning into a sideline fashion thread. How about adding in coaches dance moves (e.g. the Khari Bounce)?

Lol … the byproduct of earning a bye week.


Who knows how all this musical chairs coaching situation will work out but I am willing to make a couple of predictions.
Wherever Rick Campbell ends up.....and regardless of how he dresses on the sidelines...his time there will be 2 years at most.

I know he wants to be a Head Coach again. But he doesn't strike me as being tough enough on his players. He is terrible at making obvious half time adjustments. He is not a good judge of talent as we saw when he waited until season's end to finally move on from Davis and Jennings who were barely back-up material in my estimation.
Maybe he will be different with another GM.

As for Maas..... I think he has worn out his welcome in the CFL with his past history of out of control sideline issues. He may have to head back across the border if he wants to stay in football.

I am much more certain about our HC. I think Orlondo will continue to excel.