Some CFL Players To Be Released Before Sept 1/07?

Here is an interesting issue raised by Steve Simmons in today's edition of The Toronto Sun:

"The beginning of September will represent a nervous time for many players in the new age of the CFL salary cap. After Sept. 1, contracts are guaranteed to the end of the season. Players who could be let go in the name of economics include John Avery and Bashir Levingston."

Given that Ticat GM Marcel Desjardins never seems to miss an opportunity to cut the team's payroll, it is probable that one or more high salaried Ticats will also be released prior to Sept. 1/07 rather than guaranteeing their salaries for the rest of the year.

I am thinking Holmes.. They can't figure out how to use him and he is starting to lose confidence out there on kick returns. The Cats simply can't afford the $200,000 he makes if he isn't contributing anything.

Wow I didnt know that about Sept and contracts.

Thanks for the info


Levingston will not be released by Toronto & I'll explain to why.. Toronto has moved "return specialist" Dominique Dorsey to the starting running back position,which was held by Jamal White at the seasons start but Jamal was injured & has since gone back home, so Dominique's promotion gives Levingston his job back. John Avery on the other hand could see the door along with in my opinion Mike McMahon.

From Hamilton, I could see Corey Holmes, Julian Radelin & Richard Karikari released. Like the person a few posts above said the ticats proved they can't use corey properly but I think letting him go would be a mistake seeing that Mr.Lumsden is going to skip off to the NFL at seasons end.

Im not too sure on who else might be released around the league but I have a feeling Kicker Troy Westwood will be one of them.

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