Some CFL history

Breaking through the CFL’s Power Structure

Boxscore News Sunday, December 11, 2011

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In 1946, Hayman signed Herb Trawick, a star Offensive Lineman from the University of Western Kentucky,

making Trawick the first Black to play in the Canadian Football League (CFL).

The move by Hayman raised some eyebrows, but that quickly changed with …

And the rest is history.

No mention of Bernie Custis ?
Great Cats QB in the 50's and an excellent traing camp guest coach for many years in the Hammer. As well as Bob Youngs go to guy on many personel and CFL matters.
And of course the little Generals long time sidekick.

I remember Herbie Trawick and recall that he was a very good offensive lineman. In fact, at my age, I remember
every black man who played CFL ball. Due to the colour barrier which existed predominantley in the 50as and 60s,
a black had to be exceptionally good to play at all. How unfortunate this was.

Eventually, players like Custis and Goldston along with many others helped to break this ill advised barrier.

I hate the arg&$, but cudos to Lew Heyman for starting the turn around.