some CFL cuts signed by UFL

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New York Sentinels sign:
Tim Goodwell LB (last with ticats)
Craphonso Thorpe WR (last with Bombers)
Dan Oliphant (last with Ticats)

excuse me if I missed anybody, I'm just picking out names recognizable to me.

Florida Tuskers:
Frank Murphy WR (Last with Argos??)

California Redwoods:
Nick Hannah LB (Last with Argos)

8) Actually Frank Murphy , was traded by the Argos to Hamilton for running back Athony Davis, after
 the 2007 season  !!!

 Ironically, the Argos released Davis before training camp even started, and Frank Murphy informed
 the TiCats that he was going to retire, and stay at home in Tampa  !!!

Murphy eventually re-signed with the Argos this year, but didn't make the cut !!!