Some BC Pre-season fun


No kidding. Or how they nearly trample over each other to show american guests how much they know about the NFL.

I find that they talk CFL! Heck they have a new weekly Lions/CFL show every Tuesday night! Here in Edmonton, It’s all Oilers! I casually check in every so often during the CFL season to maybe hear some Eskimos related stuff and every time I do, I’m greeted with Oilers talk, so I instantly turn it off.

I don't think it's any different in other Canadian markets with an NHL franchise. Hockey is the security blanket for sports talk radio in Canada. They know that even if they talk about minutiae in the middle of July, listeners won't be turning the dial. In fact, they'll probably still get an active phone board for some dumb hypothetical trade. :roll:

Fortunately, TSN1040 has added a new Lions/CFL show to their broadcast schedule and I don't know a single person on their full time, on-air staff that doesn't at least support the CFL. In fact, some (Pratt, Sekeres, Taylor, Moj et al) are really passionate about it.....whether they talk about it as much as they should is another thing.

It's going to be very interesting to listen to TSN1040 if Wally Buono repeatingly says "'s all about the players execution" if things go wrong for the season.