Some Astounding Articles about Canadian Football

They are long reads, but truely fascinating.


Very interesting.

Anyone who thinks that the current rules. should never change should read the first article, which outlines some rule changes of the time and tells us that the East and West had very different rules in some areas, blocking downfield for example. At the time I was amused to learn that the NBC TV contract paid more than the CBC contract and that the West received no TV monies as they did not have network broadcast capabilities. One thing that was no different was the existence of fake Canadians, although the definition was different than today.

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Complaining about Toronto crowds way back then . LOL ,It is a good article .

I read awhile back another article from a Toronto paper I believe in the 1930's wanting US football back then when a exhibition NFL game was played in TO .

So nothing has changed . The same issues same problems from inception .

Never bothered developing Canadians from inception makes the league have no standing with it's cultural war as a Canadian league and also makes Russ Jackson a miracle now looking back .

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Here is another one. The CFL wishes they had this problem now.