Some "a**hole" stole Shea Emry 2009 Grey Cup ring

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If the guy is found, he should be hung by his foot from the goalpost and Shea should have the right to tackle him !

Hope someone gets it back for Shea !

Does that ever stink.

Not a bad idea. . .we could also have Sean Whyte and Sandro DeAngelis, in their kicking competition, use the thief's head instead of a football.

Un vol est toujours très fâcheux. Celui-ci l'est tout autant que ceux qui ont pu avoir lieu chez vos voisins, les gens de votre famille ou à l'épicerie.

Espérons qu'il puisse retrouver sa bague et que le voleur, comme nous l'espérons pour tous les voleurs, se fasse traduire devant les tribunaux.

Why on earth did he leave his Grey Cup ring in his car? I'm not condoning the theft, but you'd think Shea would be a bit more careful with such a valuable piece of jewelry.

leave it in your car what do you expect? doesn't make it right but it is what it is!!!