Solving the Short-Yard QB Specialist Problem

  • Make QBs have to stay in for at least 3 snaps.
  • Allow RBs to line up behind the center to take snaps.
  • Short-yard QB specialists are a compelling part of the game; don’t change anything.
  • Other (specify)

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I’m not a big fan of have a QB dressed specifically for short-yardage rush plays. I find such plays too predictable, and they slow down the flow of the game with the substitutions. It also might be hindering the development of passing skills for young QBs since teams feel compelled to dress a big rusher instead of an arm.


The idea of the short yard specialist staying for three plays is intriguing but not at expense of the starting QB.

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My thought was that such a rule would discourage coaches from devoting one of their QB spots to a short-yardage specialist. Instead, they’d either use their starter or hand off to a RB/FB on those plays. And the third QB spot would go to someone for his throwing ability instead of his short-yards ability.

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I’m surprised that the Argos don’t just hand AJ Ouellette the keys to their offense on third and short.

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That’s what would’ve happened ten+ years ago.

In 2013, the Argos had Ricky Ray, Zack Collaros, and Trevor Harris as their QBs. In 2023, one of those guys would’be been cut after training camp in favour of a short-yardage specialist.

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It is an inefficient use of a spot on the rooster

I voted “Other” just to be awkward.

Serious answer, I have no real clue, but one option I’d like would be the Colin Kaepernick Nevada formation (whose exact name escapes me) where both the QB and RB were lined up behind centre and the ball could potentially be snapped to either of them. This way, instead of the obvious plunge, you could have a running back make a play, a QB run or a pass, so the third-stringer would have the opportunity to make a passing play if he wished.

Why is that important? It may stop the bleed of potentially talented QBs that we never really see at their full potential because they get no opportunity to really show what they can do passing-wise.

To me, the “3rd-and-inches QB specialist” is like the offensive version of what the “kickoff specialist” is to special teams - what in all honesty do they bring to the team and what, really, do they get out of it (except a nice paycheque obviously).

Can you imagine Dominique Davis reminiscing to his children about his football career?

“So, what was your CFL career highlight, Dad?”

“I tell ya, when it came to gaining 1 yard then jogging off the field, I was the MAN!!!”

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