Solution to Toronto playing two games in one week

Let's use this year as an example. The Preseason was structured like this.
A) 1 game
B) 4 games
C) 4 games

Why not structure it like this instead?

A) 4 games
B) 4 games
C) 1 preseason game, followed by one regular season game

Somebody help me decipher this. Sorry, Vermonter, but I don't know what you're saying.

That way Toronto can play a regular season game against BC the week before the season starts instead of having to play two games in one week like they are doing this week.


Tonight's game is about as exciting as a preseason one.

Or don't show up for game one !!!!!!!!!!! Hamilton at home will be a push over????????????? OR NOT!!!!! :roll: :roll:

Having one team (and I don't think it has to be the Argos, does it?) play one of their games early could solve the problem of them playing two games in one week. The only down side is that one of the other teams would then end up with three bye weeks. Not a big deal.

But I don't think this is that big of a problem. The Argos had one of their byes last week, so the Wednesday night game isn't too soon after their previous game. And the Wednesday to Monday turnaround isn't any different than a Sunday to Friday turnaround, which happens fairly often, and both games are "at home" (OK, one's a bus ride away). Other than the strange Wednesday night game thing, it's not a big deal.

True, but Toronto has three bye weeks anyway. The only difference there is that they would be stretched out over 21 weeks instead of 20.

-It doesn't have to be Toronto, but it always is. Plus I'm using this year's model as an example.
-It's not that big of a deal, I suppose. But this would be an easy way to avoid it.

I am still a little confused by this schedule. Years ago before the Ottawa and Montreal shuffle of losing a team and getting it back, I don't recall the schedule being like this.

Now part of this will be better next year when the Argos should be able to get better dates, but it just seems all over the map.

I guess TSN wanting thursday games, doesn't help.

I would just like to see, the league go back to Friday-Sunday games, with the exception of Long Weekend Monday's.

There are two options in an 81-game schedule: either 21 weeks or 20 with one week having five games. I’d personally prefer a 21-week schedule which would mean starting a week earlier, i.e. mid-June. This year schedule started on June 23 so under that scenario it would have started around June 16.

I would suggest a “kickoff classic” – game between the Grey Cup finalists, at the home of the GC winner, as the only game in Week 1. Those two teams would need to get a favourable preseasons schedule that gets their PS games out of the way early so they could prep for regular season ahead of everyone else, and teams might need to make their final cuts a week earlier so the two finalists have an equal shot at picking up castoffs.

I may be wrong, but don't all the teams have weeks where they play more than one game?

Maybe not in the same schedule week like "Week11", but in calender days. For example, theTicats play Toronto on Sep 11 and then Montreal on Sep 16, which is Weeks 12 and 13.

Maybe I'm just not understanding to OP point.

This guy gets it. And I like this particular tweak to the idea.

I thought the same thing. Have the GC winner host a game on a Sunday or Monday and then the rest of the teams start playing the following Thursday. Using next year as an example, the season could start as early as Sunday, June 18, 2017, with pre-season possibly starting Friday, June 2. The start of training camp would have to be pushed up (and is sorely needed to make the start of the season look better).

Vermonter, you might be interested in seeing the 2004 season schedule when Saskatchewan visited Toronto on a Tuesday in week one and then hosted a game the following Sunday. In this case, they used a 2/4/3 format for pre-season, which might be preferable for competitive fairness.

Because there are 81 games in a season, the league has a schedule with 19 weeks featuring four games (19X4=76) and one week featuring five games (76+5=81). You'll notice on the home page that Toronto actually plays twice. A CFL "week" typically encapsulates the games played from Tuesday to Monday in any given week (Toronto plays Wednesday and Monday, so they will be the only team to play twice in a "CFL week"). The league did a good job of scheduling around that this year, but with Vermonter's suggestion, it wouldn't be necessary and would provide teams with proper rest between games.

Why not add a 10th team. Like the one you have. :thup: