solution for Ticat fans who hate blackouts

I believe we can order the game online at CFL.CA, and watch a live stream of any broadcast, even a blacked out one. For a price. (Does anyone know how much?)

I have another solution...

Go to the game! :slight_smile:

I wish I didn't have to watch the game on TSN.

I believe that many of us who hate the idea of black-outs do not hate them because they prevent us from seeing the games.

We believe it hurts the franchise in the long run. It is hard to attract new fans to your product when you limit it's exposure.

I for one remember going to a few games as a youngster, but it wasn't until starting to follow the 89 Cats on TV that I became a real fan.

Blackouts have never been proven to increase attentance at any sports venue, and many people (myself included) belief the common policy in the CFL of blacking out games has lead to it's reduced popularity amonst the younger generations.

I agree. I would rather some Hamilton kid have every opportunity to watch the Cats and become a fan, rather than some faraway NFL team. I have season tickets and I hate the idea of a blackout. Why limit exposure, especially in your local market?

Rusty, will our littlest Ticat fan be staying up to watch his first game?

The buzz,

Made some good points. You do want the younger generation to be exposed to Ticat football. But for 2 games being blacked out, it shouldn`t be a cause for panic.

You get to watch 9 away games on t.v. Plus your able to go to the home games, if possible. So for 2 games you can listen to it on the radio( which isn`t a bad thing). If you have access to a computer, you can join the game thread.

Does anyone know how far the blackout goes, city wise. Can you see it in Brantford,? Niagara Falls??

Well that's not according to the league that says a blackout averages an extra $100,000 per game.

Most other CFL teams have been using the blackout regularly to boost attendance.

Someone mentioned a 35 km radius. Time to use Google or mapquest!

I believe its 35miles or 56 km radius.

In an age of instantanious access to a plethora of media and information, the younger generations come to expect nothing less then that.

Telling them they can't see the game will really only do one thing in the long-term, and that's disenfanchise a generation who veiw that access of information, media, and entertainment as a right.

This is counter productive to selling your brand to the up coming generation of consumers.

In layman's terms; the kids get p#### off, and end up cheering for the Blue Team because they can actually watch the game.

way to go Mr. Mitchel... way to go.

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I use all the games are free and never blacked out.

If after watching 89% of the games they still won’t go to a blacked out game, then what have you lost? Absolutley nothing.

Blackouts have proved to mean an extra $100,000 per gamre across the league. Let’s wait and see how it works here first.

If the team gets the equivalent of $100,000 worth of fans more to a blacked out game, then who cares for the spoiled and entitled segment of fans who probably wouldn’t contribute much to the team anyway.

Just saw another reference to the 56 km radius on another board.

Thanks for the correction Beet.

YW Kirk. I get screwed with the blackouts where I live. I live outside the blackout radius but am still blacked out because with satelite the address is used by your postal code. My postal code is the nearest town which is inside the blackout area even though i am outside of it.

He certainly will!

Would have liked to attend the game but with us getting ready to move it's not in the cards :frowning:

The point i was making was about the effectiveness of brand-implanting in young consumers.

So what if you squeeze 100K out of a lemon, you lose long term revenues by failing to market your product to the people closest to it. The ones that will buy tickets and merchandise over the next 3-4 decades.

They'll be spending their money on the franchise down the road because that's the product they became familiar with first.

It's short sighted and a poor choice from a person who's major concern should be the vitality and longevity of the organization.

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It's not like they are blacking out everygame.

They're blacking out 2 games!

You can watch the other 7 home games on TV and all of the road games. So you get the chance to watch 16 games out of 18 on TV.

That is not going to make or break a long term fan.

gah! I'm defeated... good on ya rusty.

I wouldn't say defeated. You had some good quality points.

I agree that it's important to build brand recognition with the young crowd. Especially with the NFL marketing machine brain washing kids into thinking that the CFL is beer-league football and that anything NOT NFL stinks.

BUT at the same time...

People have to go to the games to keep the 'Cats alive.


Watch 16 games on TV... enjoy. But the 2 games that are blacked out maybe someone's Father will say to his son...

"Hey, y'kno what... we've been watching all these games together why not go down and see it live?".

I went to 2 games last year... (I also had to drive 3 hours to get there - lol)

So, if I can go to 2 games... someone in the blackout area can, too!