solution: expose Maas in Ottawa expansion draft?

I personally think we should sit Maas and let his obvious injuries heal so he can come back and have a great 2007 for us.

But some fans think Maas' confidence is shot.

So do we start fresh with another QB in 2007 (i.e. expose Maas in the Ottawa expansion draft next year?). Question, though: would Ottawa even take Maas? Remember: he's banged up, he's had a horrible 2006 season, and he's making 300G a year.

Also, if Maas isn't our QB next year, who will be? I'm thinking Beutjer, or an NFL cut who gets the benefit of a full training camp working with the first string offence. That may be the way to go.

Problem with the is Most NFL Cuts Take atleast 2 Seasons to become a good CFL QB.

Hamilton has to have a Start now..
They have to win now..Cause the ticket base may not be there in 2 Seasons.

I think all three B.C. QB's are free agents this coming off season. So if Wally thinks Buck Pierce is the man for the future he will give him the big bucks and not resign Dickinson. Dave is still a top QB in this league when healthy. I can't see any other team wanting him except Ottawa, maybe Winnipeg. He could be a good fit in Hamilton.
But I'm as perplexed as anyone with Maas's play this year and how bad Eakin looked as well after his play late last year. :o
Does Hamilton test their water regularly.

Better yet. Why don't they just expose Maas on Ottawa Street.....Let the fans tell him personally what Hamilton thinks.