Solomon Elimimian released

The Vikings released Solomon Elimimian. I don't know if BC still retains his rights or if they even need him since they have Bighill. I think we could use him though. :smiley:

Obie get on the phone to his agent NOW. :wink:

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His rights are still owned by BC. He signed his deals before the new CBA in 2010 which closed the option-year window.

Not 100% sure but I am pretty sure that Elimimian is now a free agent. I think he will catch on with another NFL team before he heads back to the CFL. But if he does end up back in the CFL, it should be a no brainer for Obie to offer him a contract.

EDIT: Never mind.

BC might not need him and Wally might be willing to work something out since we gave them Bruce for virtually nothing.

Here's something to think about. We put Elimimian at Middle Linebacker and move Rey Williams to Knowlton's spot since Rey is considered to be more of a pursuit guy. A position he may be more proficient at.

Here's the kicker. Convert Markeith to a safety. He plays better when he is allowed to roam and follow his football instincts. Knowlton usually drops back into coverage anyway so the safety position is almost tailor made for his skill set.

Forget the system and put players where they will excel.

I wasn't commenting on any possible deal for him to come to Hamilton, just that he wasn't a free agent. A trade would work for me. I'm a big Elimimian fan and would love to see him in Hamilton.

Also, according to Farhan Lalji, Elimimian's agent believes he'll be offered a PR spot with the Vikings. Farhan questions that because Elimimian didn't make it to final cuts and it is usually those players that get PR spots. Have to wait and see what happens.

What would he have to give up to get him though? They would want a younger guy to back up their aging receivers and defensive backs.

My guess would be a young guy like Onrea Jones or Aaron Kelly and some draft picks.

I would love Solomon but we would have to give up way to much.

You may be right Alan, but there is no harm in giving this situation the old college try.

Elimeniem would be a welcome addition in in Hamilton. :thup:

That's to tricky a maneuver for Obie.

"That's to tricky a maneuver for Obie."

Let's remember that Cortez has a say in these decisions, Catfish, so it's not entirely up to Obie....