Solomon Elimimian released - a future Cat?

How would he look in Black and Gold?

32 yrs old, would command a hefty salary

Maybe Coach Mark Washington and Reinebold will put in a good word!!

I think that is Masoli under there! :wink:

Black and Gold would suit him nice.

I guess signing all those big $$$ free agent contracts do cause some casualties.

And this one is MASSIVE. An absolute tackling machine.

I wonder if it is BC trying to save cash or has Solomon lost a couple of steps at age 32?

Probably both. Younger, faster, cheaper might be a better option for the Lions.

He played for June Jones and Reinebold in Hawaii, so theres that

Those connections to Reinbold and June Jones are intriguing.

But I can’t see us paying big bucks to sign Eliminian (who is no spring chicken, and who has missed a lot of games lately due to injury) if we weren’t willing to do the same thing to re-sign Larry Dean (who is more durable, and slightly younger, I think).

If Eliminian is persuaded to come to Hamilton TC on a reasonable deal, and told he will have to win the starting MLB job in a competition with Tuggle and Frey, then I would do a deal, But onlyunder those circumstances.

After his treatment by the Lions, Elminian would have a chip on his shoulder (motivation to perform well this year/prove the Lions wrong). “The revenge tour.”

I would see no issue with the Cats signing him to a reasonable contract laden with incentives that would pay him if he plays. The way the league is now with mostly one year contracts, I don’t see a downside to bringing in competition. Either he’s better than what we’ve signed or he’s not.
I really hope that him being outspoken about the CFLPA doesn’t become a reason to not give him a shot if he is released. It would be truly draconian if it effects any player for voicing their opinion during negotiations. Will Riley Or Mitchell be released for their statements or if they don’t report? Not bloody likely.

I’m always a bit wary when it comes to picking up another team’s cast offs. Sort of ‘what do they know that we don’t’? Elimimion seems like a guy you could build a defence around, and a guy that opponents need to account for in their schemes. The little voice in the back of my head keeps saying ‘what’s the catch here’.

Best before date has expired.

Might be true but it in this case your not trading an asset to get him. If he’s no good, you release him just like any other player. And you’ve likely invested very little to take a look. I’m not saying we should, but it may be an interesting prospect even as a backup if the money is right.

I would love to get him

Missed time last year for non broken bone wrist surgery
144 tackles in 18 games the previous season

All true Grover except one thing…he’s not a NAT…he’s an INT .

Just a thought though but signing him could be kinda akin to when we signed another ex Lion MLB at the tail end of his career . Can you say Otis Floyd 2.0 ? I say if the price is right then by all means sign him up , even if it’s only for one year .

You are correct bobo, If he played at Hawaii, he is a INT, :-[
I will correct my post

  1. Grover, just because he played at Hawaii, does not automatically make him an INT. :-[

Hamiltons own Joe Sardo had an outstanding career as a linebacker at Univ. of Hawaii, and then
returned to play in the CFL for a few seasons !! And Joe sure is a Canadian :wink: :slight_smile:

Sol was born in Nigeria, If he had not played at a US NCAA school(Hawaii) he would’ve been a NAT.

It’s one of our Quirky rules.

And now would/is he considered an “International?? Not from Canada, not from USA.

This whole CFL 2.0 is going to get complicated.

Solomon would be a good fit with the Tiger-Cats and with his familiarity with Ti-Cat coaches!

Both… 2 names - Mike Reilly & Jordan Herdman, respectively. Overpaying for Reilly’s contract & a younger national linebacker.

Joe Sardo played for the Cats in 1958 and 59 . Joe Sardo retired from the Argos in 1995. That’s called longevity. :o

Perhaps there were 2 Joe Sardos or Joe had a 37 year career in the CFL . I’d go with the Hamilton Tiger Cat B/Rainbow Warrior maybe being related ?

This reminds me of the 3 Bob Richardson(s) on the Cat roster over the years.

Pat Lynch (the aging fan)

The Joe Sardo, who retired from the Argos in '95, was drafted by Ottawa in '92 and played there for, at least, a couple of seasons. I recall he was from was from Hamiton, so quite likely the son, or maybe nephew, of the TiCat Joe.