Solomon Elimimian, John Bowman headline 2023 CFHOF class

TORONTO — Five titans of the game and two of its most celebrated builders form the Canadian Football Hall of Fame (CFHOF) and Museum’s Class of 2023.

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Joe Zuger. Qb,defensive back, punter. And GM. And Grey Cup wins.
Wake up selection committee.


Congratulations Lloyd :beers:

Glad to see old timers Crawford and Fairbanks finally make it. Still a number of players from TSN top 50 players not in QB Garcia, RB Coleman and Reaves, OL Chiu, DL Bayliss, Fleming, Lagrone, Locklin, and Stillwagon, LB Jackson, Shaw, and Widger, DB Carter, Coleman, Odums , Rountree, and Shaw and K/P Clark, Fraser, Mann, Mcloughlin, Osbaldiston, Prefontaine, and Zuger

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Good list....It would be so great to get the older guys first. I hate posthumus inductions. If you make it to the hall of fame you should be able to celebrate it.......

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Some very notable misses in there. Thanks for the info.

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[quote="pantsonfire, post:7, topic:84384"]

Some very notable misses in there. Thanks for the info.

[/quote]What about and OldTimers Committee to select a couple of Old Timers each year. Baseball has it!

Good idea. Welcome back.

You can't put everyone in the HOF unfortunately. One of the greatest players ever to play for the Lions will never make it because he only played two seasons in the CFL. I'm speaking of Camron Wake of course. How do you honor players like him and others?

I love checking the CFL site daily to keep up with the latest news. However, I have noticed the same lead stories on the site for over a week or more - is ther no news to report on? Also, while I try to stay informed, I have lost all understanding of what this "Combine" is all about - if someone can please inform this poor soul here, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

My understanding is that the national and Global prospects go to the Combine for testing. Then the general managers have all the various information about the players before they get drafted.

Do what NHL teams are doing and add your own HOF for your team....
The other part of this is - almost every team has a "wall of fame" thing now. It should be a BIG HINT as to guys that were all stars.

Doesn't the CFL have a waiting list for the Hall of Fame similar to the NHL and MLB? I do not disagree with John Bowman going to the Hall but he has been retired for only one year. Should he not have to wait at least five years?