Solomon Elimimian is back

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Elimimian says the NFL will always be a dream for American players, he and his agent will talk about NFL or CFL after season ends.

Elimimian says the ultimate goal is to win a Grey Cup this season, says he will let coaches figure out his fit with the team.

Elimimian says the NFL dream is alive, the last 2 weeks were frustrating at times, he has moved on and happy to be a Leo again.

Buono traded Brandon Peguese in part to make salaray cap space to add Elimimian on the roster.

Solomon will not be at #Lions practise today or tomorrow but will play next week for B.C. #1 CFL defense just got better.

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Thanks for the update Dfootball. Just when we thought the Lions' D was as good as it could get we get Elimimian back. Now I will have to learn to say his name all over again. It drove announcers nuts. I hope he stays for a long time.

Wonder how they'll work him in. . . maybe back to a 3/4 with him and Bighill together in the middle? What DT would you sit down?

I'd like to see him back in the middle with Bighill moved to the outside. I don't think Bighill is even close to Elimimian's abilities. BC's front 4 are too strong to goto a 3/4 IMO.

It may be hard to fit Elimimian back into the starting line up but it is going to be tuff to fit him into one of the 19 import game day roster spots. Last weeks game against Toronto there were 23 imports on the 46 man roster. 15 of them starting. Lin J Shell listed as back up at the SAM position but does a lot more that is 16. Tim Brown needed as the return man and Back up RB to Harris makes 17. Evans as part of the 6 Dlineman to dress is part of the D Line rotation which features only NI on the DLine westerman, so evans makes 18. Placing eliminian on the roster would make 19. that would leave Bell as a reserve Dback off the game day roster. leaving three of the import receivers not dressing also. The receiving unit would be down to 7 with three imports Bruce, simon, and possibliy jackson, to start along with NI' gore and foster. with the only two reserves being NI Paris Jackson and Marco Ianuzzi.
So not only getting him onto the field for playing time but also getting him into one of those 19 spots.
Mckenzie playing the weakside OLB spot is having a great season with 42 tackles and Reddick starts at the SAM LB spot that allows the Lions to move Lin J shell around when he is in on defense.
Someone correct me if I am wrong but that math looks about right to me.
It has been mentioned that they could go with the 3-4 but would't that really disrupt the chemistry.

Well they have officially added Elimimian to the 46 man roster and have moved reserve DB Josua bell to the IR. Elimian is on the depth chart as an OLB. They have also added another LB NI justin Conn from the practice squad and have him listed at the bottom of the MLB depth chart and have moved stu ford to the IR with Bell. kind of a strange move to addyet another LB to the roster even if ford is really hurt I imagine it would be strictly to relpace ford on special teams.
He probably will not dress but when he does who will be scratched for the game they currently have 23 imports on the 46.
Even if they scratched all three Import back up receivers that would leave them with 20.To even get him on the 42 man roster would cause an issue. the 3 receivers, Lin J shell, Evans DL, Brown KR,and Elimimian are the imports on the roster that are not starting.
This is why the coaches want to have all 46 players dress for each game but that is not going to happen. The Lions have top rate receivers that are Non Imports it could come down to they only dress Simon and Bruce III as the only import receivers.

WR foster NI
WR Ianuzzi NI
SB Gore NI
SB simon imp
SB bruce III imp

as good a starting lineup as any combonation for the Lions but it would leave Paris Jackson an NI as the only reserve receiver.
when Elimimian does dress you may see this along with moving NI REC keith Godding signed off the practice roster for a second reserve recciever.
Of all of the imports starting this week in which Elimimian would have to take their spot on the roster WR Johnson is probably the one that the Lions can go without by placing NI Iamuzzi into the line up.

Just some food for thought as I am just looking ahead to see how the heck the plan to find a spot in the 19 imoprts for game day for Solomon E. to even dress let alone getting him time on the field.
I suspect he will not play until he is super 100% or if Bighill or McKenzie get injured.

There are 26 Imports and 20 Non-imports on the 46 player active roster; 4 Imports won't play/dress. Eliminian and DL Evans + 2 import receivers will be healthy scratches,at least I presume.


with Evans being a scratch that would leave them with only 5 DLineman dressing for the game with Westerman the only guy to rotate in on the D Line rotation. Thats kinda leaving them a little short for the rotation on the D Line.
eventually elimimian will dress what imports will they scratch at that point
They dont want to ruin the chemistry and if they choose to scratch Reddick or Shell that would really ruin the chemistry.
The only place I can see is at receiver non imports gore and foster start and Ianuzzi is just as good as the other import receivers with the exception of Simon and Bruce III. That would expand the role of Paris Jackson beyond being the Non import receiver for bruce when Brown is in the backfield.