Solomon Elimimian is a Rider

Sol has apparently signed with the Riders
More to come
This hurts

Once again the Ticats show they are not willing to the extra mile to be winning team. SASK shows once again that they are willing to pay the price to win.
What gives ? We dumped Alex Green, Capiccioti and Whitlock’ salaries,and we could,have dumped Tracy’s as well. Soli would have made us Eastern Division favorites. Who is taking resposibilty for this,big mistake ? Let’s get rid of whoever didn’t make the Soli signing happen as I know we had the money with three veyeran cuts and possible cut of veteran Tracy. Soli is an upgrade over Dean,. Now we have,a,big question mark at MLB .Geez…Soli had connections to coach june jones and reinbold in hawaii
And he played under our DC Mark Washington and his two assistants for the past 5 years in BC.
Only a lack of money would have stopped Soli,from being reuniting with all these coaches and play under a defence that he has excelled in for money years under our DC Mark Washington and,his two assistants…

Shame on you Ticats management.

Always wanting to fire someone, eh Gerbear? Management totally lost at what they're doing, eh Gerbear?

There is no question mark at MLB Gerbear. We have Tuggle who you have probably never seen play because if you did you would be calling him a "beast". SMH and ::slight_smile:

Can’t call Ticats cheap the week they signed Dylan Wynn.

25 year old Wynn did not come cheap. Fans that don’t know about him will grow to love him.
We now probably have the best 2 interior linemen in the CFL with Teddy.

Add in Ja’Gared Davis and that is 3 DLineman as good or better than any teams DLine IMO.

^^^^^ When a 2 hand face palm just isn't enough! :-[

Exactly the sort of signing Rider fans would praise Taman for (then rip him for screwing up their cap once he was fired).

Assuming they are in praise mode now too.

Tiger-Cats played Lions three times last season, lost a squeaker in overtime, then hammered them twice, including the ESF. The Elimimian led defense wasn’t a factor in the last two games, why would he now become such a season defining factor just by showing up in Hamilton?

Tiger Cats obviously felt he wasn’t worth the price being asked, a decision previously made by B.C. And didn’t Saskatchewan also pick up guy named Carter and a guy named Collaros last year because of Hamilton’s “incompetence?? How did those acquisitions work out for them?


If you check the BC depth chart for those 3 games you will notice that Solly did not even play in the first two regular season games. He was on the 6 game IR list. So obviously he couldn't have been a factor.

He did however play in the ESF against us and made a respectable 5 tackles in that game. In comparison our leading tackler in that game was Dean with 6 tackles.

Therefore, the blame for BC's defensive problems might be better assigned to Mark Washington and his schemes.

Tiger Cats obviously felt he wasn’t worth the price being asked

Not positive about this either. May have not come down to money…maybe preferred to stay in the West or he thought Sask had a better chance of winning all things being equal.

The All-Star linebacker was cut from the Lions last week, ending his nine-year long tenure in Vancouver. He said he talked to “different teams? after his release and had a conversation with his former teammate Manny Arceneaux (who signed with the Riders as a free agent this off-season) before making his decision to put pen to paper with Saskatchewan.

Doesn’t bother me in the least. I have faith in Tuggle. 8)

“Special thanks to the boys over in Hamilton who I used to drive up my price”

Regards, Sol.

Solly ended up getting a full $50k less than Larry Dean did in Edmonton. ($160k vs. $210k)

Burke/Allemang low-balled Dean and Unamba. They likely low-balled Solly.

Burke/Allemang are not the guys you want to use as leverage for your salary.

Outside of Westerman($218K+) who was signed by Kavis Reed in MTL,
I suspect our highest paid D players are Laurent and Breaux(probably around $200K)

Should a lot of players make more the Banks(2year deal @$190K per)
We don't even know how much Tasker is making, but I would think less than Banks. :o

Masoli is going to be in line for massive raise next year on his $380K contract

We are hosting the Grey Cup in 2021, we want Masoli and these other guys signed up to play in that game

Teddy would be up there in $$$ as well as Simoni.

I don’t get the Westerman $$$, does anyone think he will perform to that salary level this coming season?
I still would be shocked if he is with the team when the season opens. That is a lot of cash against the cap.

Not offering the same drunken sailor money that a desperate team offers doesn't mean you "lowballed". It means you're not as desperate or dumb.

I’m not sure where people get their information to think they know what the Ticats offer players. I fully agree with your post. The sky is not falling because we didn’t overpay for a player nearing his best before date. Other than SAM we’ve be3n pretty good at finding LB’s. Even Simoni at WILL (a fan favourite) is not indispensable if someone just as good and cheaper comes along.

A large part of Westermans contract is owed from Feb. it is a front end loaded contract.
Although it has been held back, it will count against this seasons cap and will have to be paid when the CBA is ratified